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elevator music

Soft, usually jazzy recorded music played in public places. The phrase is often used derisively. This elevator music is putting me to sleep, so let's go walk around the mall again.
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the elevator doesn't go all the way to the top


someone's elevator doesn't go all the way to the top

People say that the elevator doesn't go all the way to the top or that someone's elevator doesn't go all the way to the top to mean that someone is stupid or mentally ill. I get the feeling his elevator doesn't go all the way to the top.
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elevator music

n. dull, uninteresting music of the type that can be heard in elevators or shops. (see also ear candy.) Elevator music is better than listening to someone chewing food.
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PME president Allison Allgaier said the company has definitely gained a reputation as the school elevator solution.
If someone loads the elevator heavy to one side or another the balance alarm
A skyscraper currently under construction in Guangzhou, China, will have the world's fastest elevators, which will take users to the top at a speed of 1200m/minute (72km/h).
In its first quarter century of business, the elevator paid dividends of more than $300,000 to members.
Located in the 296m-high Yokohama Landmark Tower, in Japan, this Mitsubishi elevator manages a speed of 750 metres per minute, or 45km/h.
Regular service, while not a guarantee of trouble-free elevator operation, it is the first step toward avoiding potential issues.
The Buildings Department has received 86 elevator-related complaints and issued 57 violations for elevator problems, including improper relays on the controllers and cars that fail to properly level at stops.
If the amount of the rope swaying is small, the elevators will continue again to operate.
Basically elevator customers like building owners and managers prefer the safety and security of a larger provider, but they don't always want to be tied to the original manufacturer because there is no price competition.
A space elevator would transform the economics of space travel, making ventures ranging from space spas to exotic scientific exploration more possible.
Weiss said he still had too many unanswered questions on why the elevators weren't part of the renovation project, and he thinks the city's money would be better spent on security measures to protect the public citywide.
Four to six elevator tracks--each holding several subway-like cars--would race up the cable, reaching speeds up to thousands of kilometers per hour.
With an increasing number of apparent elevator vandalism cases that caused some New York City elevators to come to a halt, new problems confronted Housing Authority officers.
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