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elevate (someone or something) to (something)

1. To promote someone to a better position. While my manager was out on maternity leave, they elevated me to her position and I oversaw the whole department.
2. To promote the importance of something. If we don't elevate this issue to urgent, it will never get done.
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elevate someone or something to something

to raise the status of someone to something; to promote someone to something higher, such as a job, a better status, etc. The success elevated her to a new rank and higher pay. The boss's attention elevated the policy question to the highest priority. She sought to elevate herself to some sort of social goddess.
See also: elevate
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Just look at Hong Kong-based business risk and sustainability specialist ELEVATE - since EQT Mid Market invested in 2016, the company has expanded significantly and recently acquired CSR Asia.
When the EQT Mid Market fund acquired a majority stake in the leading business risk and sustainability solutions provider ELEVATE in 2016, it seemed in many ways like the perfect match: An investor with a responsible and sustainable approach, acquiring a company specialized in advising and helping with business-driven sustainability.
The EQT team found that ELEVATE, which offers customized programs to improve social, environmental and business performance in its customers supply chains, was benefitting from global challenges and megatrends such as increased environmental regulations and urbanization.
As part of the growth strategy, ELEVATE recently acquired CSR Asia, a company that sets out to support businesses with sustainability strategy and reporting through advisory, networks, events and intelligence.
ELEVATE was already ahead of its competitors in its use of data analytics, but the company is now looking to invest in new ways of collecting data that can scale the work it has done historically to a much larger degree.
Ian Spaulding, CEO at ELEVATE explains: We are excited about how we, together with EQT Mid Market, can continue to innovate and invest in new services, expanding our scope and outreach into new sectors.
From the sit position (photo 3), the bottom man elevates his butt and brings in his left foot to use as a drive leg (photo 11).