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elevate (someone or something) to (something)

1. To promote someone to a better position. While my manager was out on maternity leave, I was elevated to her position and oversaw the whole department.
2. To promote the importance of something. If we don't elevate this issue to a urgent, it will never get done.
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elevate someone or something to something

to raise the status of someone to something; to promote someone to something higher, such as a job, a better status, etc. The success elevated her to a new rank and higher pay. The boss's attention elevated the policy question to the highest priority. She sought to elevate herself to some sort of social goddess.
See also: elevate
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Starting this week, Virgin America Elevate members can sign up for MOGL with their Elevate account number to earn 10 % cash back on every bill from a partner restaurant that will automatically be exchanged for Elevate points each month, at a rate of 30 points per USD 1 cash-back.
Elevate ROI is currently focused on select Class A and B engagements in primary markets in Texas and Oklahoma.
In addition members of Marriott Rewards are able to convert their Marriott Rewards points into elevate points at a scaling exchange rate, depending on the number of points they have.
The Elevate EMP gateway includes a full EMP simulator for comprehensive functional and non-functional testing and is fully integrated with the Elevate Process Suite enabling seamless integrated service provisioning and order management.
With the Elevate Digital interactive outdoor displays, Groupon is able to engage both locals and pre-Fourth of July tourists in a high traffic area of Chicago through an out-of-home, in-person experience.
12, Elevate frequent flyer members who are new to Uber can sign-up (on the Uber website or through the Uber app) with their Elevate membership number and will be awarded 800 Elevate reward points upon completion of their first Uber ride.
Today, same-sex practitioners are demanding--and various judges in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia are ordering--the federal government to elevate what is against the natural law and the will of God; namely, to elevate same-sex unions to juridical equality with marriages.
With these funds, Elevate Digital plans to accelerate its rapid growth in the Chicago market with the launch of its new product line, which includes Elevate wall and Elevate glass, as well as Elevate indoor and outdoor interactive digital displays available in a series of large customizable formats.
As of this summer, the airline's top flyers can enjoy new Elevate Gold and Elevate Silver status levels within the program, with perks that include: priority check-in, security clearance and boarding; points earning bonuses; free checked bag allowances.
This addition to the Elevate executive team was made as government agencies warn U.
Elevate, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Highland Business Services, Inc.
LOS ANGELES, March 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Elevate Services, a global legal service provider to law firms and corporate legal departments, has been recognized by Chambers and Partners as a top Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) provider.
AXA Wealth's Elevate wrap platform now has over Au6bn of assets under management.
The Elevate Stack bundles, for the first time, all four of the most popular premium digital services delivered over a 100% wireless network.
Distinguished legal industry group honors two Elevate leaders among its 2014 Fellows