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elevate (someone or something) to (something)

1. To promote someone to a better position. While my manager was out on maternity leave, they elevated me to her position and I oversaw the whole department.
2. To promote the importance of something. If we don't elevate this issue to urgent, it will never get done.
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elevate someone or something to something

to raise the status of someone to something; to promote someone to something higher, such as a job, a better status, etc. The success elevated her to a new rank and higher pay. The boss's attention elevated the policy question to the highest priority. She sought to elevate herself to some sort of social goddess.
See also: elevate
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Though women's estrogen levels normally drop after menopause, Assmann says several studies of postmenopausal women have demonstrated that estrogen supplementation can elevate their HDL cholesterol above premenopausal levels.
Among smokers, where radon exposure can elevate lung cancer risk 15-fold over normal, the problem is even more serious--accounting for roughly 15,000 additional deaths annually.
Watch the center vent hole and the vent hole on the end of the cylinder rod while someone else elevates and depresses the cannon 25 more times.