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elevate (someone or something) to (something)

1. To promote someone to a better position. While my manager was out on maternity leave, they elevated me to her position and I oversaw the whole department.
2. To promote the importance of something. If we don't elevate this issue to urgent, it will never get done.
See also: elevate

elevate someone or something to something

to raise the status of someone to something; to promote someone to something higher, such as a job, a better status, etc. The success elevated her to a new rank and higher pay. The boss's attention elevated the policy question to the highest priority. She sought to elevate herself to some sort of social goddess.
See also: elevate
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The Elevate program was activated from fitness space Cortland already had, Smith says.
The Woodland acquisition includes systems throughout both Texas and Louisiana, providing Elevate with an existing natural gas gathering, treating, compression and processing footprint.
RFPIO, founded in 2015, is an example of an investment by Elevate Capital in a minority entrepreneur-led startup.
Starting this week, Virgin America Elevate members can sign up for MOGL with their Elevate account number to earn 10 % cash back on every bill from a partner restaurant that will automatically be exchanged for Elevate points each month, at a rate of 30 points per USD 1 cash-back.
Elevate also said it has granted inducement stock awards as part of Biglin's employment.
12, Elevate frequent flyer members who are new to Uber can sign-up (on the Uber website or through the Uber app) with their Elevate membership number and will be awarded 800 Elevate reward points upon completion of their first Uber ride.
Patty Crowder, President of Elevate ROI stated “We're excited with the progress we have achieved in aggressively expanding our property and asset management services platform.
The Elevate Cloud more than meets our expectations for a SaaS video platform we can deliver our own brand identity with reasonable and predictable costs while counting on an exciting roadmap for the future, said Jason Smith, Vice President of Business Development at ETC.
DuoFlush Toilet Conversion: James Harper, Elevate Living
As of this summer, the airline's top flyers can enjoy new Elevate Gold and Elevate Silver status levels within the program, with perks that include: priority check-in, security clearance and boarding; points earning bonuses; free checked bag allowances.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-June 1, 2012--Metropolitan Capital Bank helps in USD2.7m financing for Elevate Digital(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com
Just look at Hong Kong-based business risk and sustainability specialist ELEVATE - since EQT Mid Market invested in 2016, the company has expanded significantly and recently acquired CSR Asia.
29 April 2016 - Los Angeles, California-based legal service provider Elevate Services has acquired California-based legal technology company OnRamp Systems Inc., the company said.
CIVIQ Smartscapes declared that it has purchased Elevate DIGITALin an undisclosed deal aspart of its strategy of designing and delivering smart city solutions to cities worldwide.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 11, 2015-Travelers can now redeem Rocketrip points for Elevate points, Silver Status, Gold Status