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The exposure of the species to Pb negatively influenced the shoot and root biomass production of vetiver, elephant ear and 'embauba'.
McMillan handles elephant ears and a puppet show, written by his wife, Heather, and titled "Billy Bad Guy and Tommy Good Guy.
Meilani Kelley, scoping out prize-winning bunnies with her 6-year-old son Kai, said she will crave elephant ears over the winter because of "all that greasy goodness.
They added a stand that sells elephant ears, another classic fried fair food, 30 years ago.
v=3L0FKxiF9Vc) had elephant ears taped to his legs.
Wherever I look, whether grown with elephant ears, hibiscus or the Hawaiian ti plant, crotons look festive and tropical.
The man thought a while about this and when the waiter came for his order he said: "I'd like elephant ears on toast, please.
fa m i ly Elmer Day Party Join everyone's favourite elephant (except perhaps Dumbo) for an afternoon of family fun, including making your own elephant ears, creating your own patchwork animal and playing pin the tail on the elephant.
Newman writes in "Digging Up the Elephant Ears," "My neighbor stumbles drunk down the alley.
The home is surrounded by good old Florida native plants: ferns, elephant ears, mother-in-law tongues, live oaks and cabbage palms--nothing you have to maintain on a daily basis.
Try some Chinese ground orchids, blackberry lilies, canna lilies, elephant ears, lilies of the valley, crocosmias, hardy cyclamens, dahlias, summer hyacinths, gladioluses, day lilies, irises, or true lilies for a coordination of flowers through summer into fall.
In my crystal ball, I see a large man with a red face, elephant ears and a white starter beard leading Labour MPs in a "Get Gordon now, before it's too late
Jonathan Poston has turned his garden into an exotic jungle with 15ft-high banana plants, bamboo, elephant ears plants and eucalyptus trees.