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It is a requiem for her famous father which elegantly borrows the phrase "westward leading, still proceeding" from the carol We Three Kings.
(It was excised.) His nationalism rings clearest, however, in his elegantly crafted preamble, which famously begins "We the people of the United States" rather than with the original roll call of states.
A moviemaker better have one hell of a compelling reason to have another whack at Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Pierre Choderlos de Laclos's 1782 novel that has already spawned a 1959 film version with Jeanne Moreau; Christopher Hampton's incomparable play starring Lindsay Duncan and Alan Rickman; director Stephen Frears's elegantly spidery 1988 film starring Glenn Close and John Malkovich; and Milos Forman's 1989 also-ran Valmont.
"Their design and delivery approach was elegantly simple and cost effective.
According to Ed Vargas, Equistar's manager of catalyst and process development, P&G's "elegantly simple" in-reactor technology potentially could be used in a number of PP processes, including the gasphase single reactor that Equistar will use initially.
(It is probably best to use the term "elegantly casual," as opposed to T-shirts, shower clogs, and shorts.)
Ingres' sitter, decorations prominent, simplicity of attire elegantly visible, hands electric with a sense of superiority, has a totally dependent kind of peace.
Delivered on a decorated room service cart a la "The Plaza Hotel" to the celebrant's room, the lunch is served on a table elegantly dressed with linen and fresh flowers.
It features 12 simple yet elegantly decorated villas, a restaurant offering new Jamaican cuisine, the Aveda Spa, an executive conference center and a library.
One 30-second spot, dubbed "Winning," shows a couple emerging from a limousine and strolling into the casino, where they join an elegantly clad group at a blackjack table.
Woolf and Catharine Randall); and the blossoming of royal vitae (other than unusual "lives" of Catherine de Medici elegantly analyzed by Sheila Ffolliott.
The fashion for cameos was replaced by the fashion of having one's portrait painted with a black slave, usually an elegantly dressed child.
The handful of typos and misspellings (e.g., "San Domingo") seems particularly inappropriate in such an expensive and otherwise elegantly packaged volume.
the pleasures of that lushly scenic, elegantly witty, brilliantly literate, cinematic wait.
It's a perfect example, as Alfred Hitchcock, the famous English director so elegantly claims, "Drama is life with the dull parts left out." The film starts out with a manager and a secretary and their love affair.