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(a) gracious plenty

 and an elegant sufficiency
Euph. enough (food). No more, thanks. I have a gracious plenty on my plate. At Thanksgiving, we always have an elegant sufficiency and are mighty thankful for it.
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piss elegant

mod. very pretentious; overly elegant. (Usually objectionable.) Man, this place is piss elegant. Look at them lamp shades!
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It is a requiem for her famous father which elegantly borrows the phrase "westward leading, still proceeding" from the carol We Three Kings.
Fusing minimalist refinement with structural precision, Watkins' mobiles and kinetic structures are elegantly constructed and highly adaptable.
It's easy to picture a pair of elegantly dressed diners chatting about how much fun it is to dip chunks of bread into melted cheese as they sip on the white wine that the package recommends.
Cook's final novel, ``Young Will,'' has recently been published, and the eminent critic and scholar Harold Bloom calls it ``an elegantly composed and deeply informed depiction of Shakespeare.
This process is embellished and energized by the Socratic method of questioning, the ancient Hebrew sense of justice and commitment and, as he so elegantly states, the "painful eloquence of the blues; and exuberantly in the improvisational virtuosity of jazz.
Windsor[TM] buffet products from Carlisle[R] hold and serve food elegantly.
Their design and delivery approach was elegantly simple and cost effective.
Nothing could be more idiosyncratic than such wild inventiveness so elegantly controlled.
Ingres' sitter, decorations prominent, simplicity of attire elegantly visible, hands electric with a sense of superiority, has a totally dependent kind of peace.
Delivered on a decorated room service cart a la "The Plaza Hotel" to the celebrant's room, the lunch is served on a table elegantly dressed with linen and fresh flowers.
It features 12 simple yet elegantly decorated villas, a restaurant offering new Jamaican cuisine, the Aveda Spa, an executive conference center and a library.
One 30-second spot, dubbed "Winning," shows a couple emerging from a limousine and strolling into the casino, where they join an elegantly clad group at a blackjack table.
The fashion for cameos was replaced by the fashion of having one's portrait painted with a black slave, usually an elegantly dressed child.
the pleasures of that lushly scenic, elegantly witty, brilliantly literate, cinematic wait.
A propos of this, Disciplines of Virtue has an attractive dustjacket: an elegantly profiled portrait of a young girl set against a background of fleshy, corset-coloured pink.