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an elegant sufficiency

An adequate amount, typically in the context of food. Thanks to all of your generous donations, we have an elegant sufficiency to bring down to the homeless shelter. No second helpings for me, please—I've already had an elegant sufficiency. Look at this spread! There's certain an elegant sufficiency of dishes to choose from.
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rude slang Exuding or displaying an abundance of sophistication or elegance, especially when it is contrived, pretentious, or feigned. My mother-in-law tries to give this impression that she's some refined lady of wealth and taste, but she's just piss-elegant. The problem with majoring in art is being surrounded by these piss-elegant brats pretending to be artists.
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(a) gracious plenty

 and an elegant sufficiency
Euph. enough (food). No more, thanks. I have a gracious plenty on my plate. At Thanksgiving, we always have an elegant sufficiency and are mighty thankful for it.
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piss elegant

mod. very pretentious; overly elegant. (Usually objectionable.) Man, this place is piss elegant. Look at them lamp shades!
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