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bulletin board

A corkboard where things like notes, pictures, and notices can be posted. The phrase can also refer to an online service with the same function. I did post signs for my event on the bulletin board in the dorm, so I don't know why no one came.
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electronic superhighway

dated The Internet. I grew up in the '90s when the so-called electronic superhighway was drastically changing the world. The AOL dial-up noise was basically the soundtrack to that time in history.
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bulletin board

Also, electronic bulletin board. A computer service that provides facilities for people to leave messages by phone or telecomputing. For example, The National Writers Union has a bulletin board through which members communicate via their modems . Both the device and the term, alluding to the older board for posting notices, date from the late 1970s.
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In 2005, Ukio was the first bank in Lithuania to have granted the possibility to sign, by electronic means, using a mobile telephone.
An accurate depiction of the interrogation, rather than dishonesty and police misconduct, prompted the statutes and court decisions requiring electronic recording.
IRS notice 2005-88 provides that taxpayers can request waivers from the electronic filing requirement where the taxpayer cannot meet electronic filing requirements due to technology constraints, or where compliance with the requirements would result in undue financial burden on the taxpayer.
A major factor advancing the acceptance of electronic dissemination is the possibility of hyperlinking texts in an article to works cited in the same article, a quantum leap forward from the traditional reference lists of printed articles, though the transition to clickable links is still troubled with social, commercial and legal difficulties, not to mention the conceptual one of relevance.
Documents attached to and transmitted by e-mail should be stored in machine-readable format in their appropriate client folders in our electronic document management system.
Currently, health insurers can encourage physicians who see patients that are their subscribers to use tools such as electronic claims submissions, but the insurers can't buy and offer electronic health-record systems to the doctors in their networks because of the various legal and regulatory obstacles, Wiesenthal explained.
Key features of Fujitsu's new electronic paper and its technology are as follows:
21 CFR part 11 sets forth the basic rules for electronic records and electronic signatures in the United States, and for several years, government agencies and industry representatives have worked to clarify the impact of this regulation on the use of technology in the production and retention of electronic records.
Physicians who cling to organizational patterns that are outdated and unresponsive to the public interest will face increasing discontent from patients who have come to appreciate that the electronic age offers greater convenience and less waiting time.
It is software, though, that is playing an increasingly decisive role in the realization of electronic innovations.
Not coincidentally, this is the arena in which the Department of Education (DOE) first provided definitive guidance on e-sign requirements with the July 2001 publication of Standards for Electronic Signatures in Electronic Student Loan Transactions.
* ELECTRONIC FILING OF CORPORATE RETURNS BRINGS a number of benefits, including increased speed, greater accuracy, the ability to attach lengthy explanatory documents as PDF files and a comprehensive system of error codes that makes it easier for CPAs to spot mistakes quickly.
The Federal Reserve Board on September 13, 2004, requested public comment on proposed amendments to Regulation E (Electronic Fund Transfers), which implements the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, and the regulation's official staff commentary.
military's sole tactical electronic warfare aircraft, the EA-6B Prowler supports joint operations around the globe.
By Ahmad Jawdat Masadeh, Special to The Star In today's world humanity is entering an era of electronic transactions, documents and information.
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