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couldn't get elected dogcatcher

So unpopular or unqualified as to be unable to be elected to even the lowliest role. A hyperbolic phrase, especially since animal control officers are appointed, not elected. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. After making off-color remarks about several demographics of voters, the would-be mayor couldn't even get elected dogcatcher.
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elect to (something)

To vote someone into a particular position or office. A noun or pronoun can be used between "elect" and "to." I had hoped to be elected to the student government, but a more popular boy beat me out.
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elect someone (as) something

to select someone to be something by ballot. We elected her as our representative. She was elected as our president.

elect someone to something

to select someone to be a member of something by ballot; to select someone to be an officer in something by ballot. We elected you to office, so do your job. Tom was elected to the congress.
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He was elected suffragan bishop of Toronto in 1993 and was consecrated bishop in 1994, and installed as area bishop of York-Scarborough that same year.
At the other end of the spectrum, in Letter Ruling 9750036,(58) a closely held company elected to revoke its S status by writing on the top of its final Form 1120S,"Final return as S corporation.
Payment method with the recurring item exception: This method applies to taxpayers who have not elected the ratable accrual method but who have elected the recurring item exception.
The Punjab CM would likely be elected as the permanent party president through the party's general council within 45 days.