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couldn't get elected dogcatcher

So unpopular or unqualified as to be unable to be elected to even the lowliest role. A hyperbolic phrase, especially since animal control officers are appointed, not elected. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. After making off-color remarks about several demographics of voters, the would-be mayor couldn't even get elected dogcatcher.
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elect to (something)

To vote someone into a particular position or office. A noun or pronoun can be used between "elect" and "to." I had hoped to be elected to the student government, but a more popular boy beat me out.
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elect someone (as) something

to select someone to be something by ballot. We elected her as our representative. She was elected as our president.

elect someone to something

to select someone to be a member of something by ballot; to select someone to be an officer in something by ballot. We elected you to office, so do your job. Tom was elected to the congress.
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It would also increase restrictions on former elected officials' ability to lobby the city after leaving government service, and require current officials, their staffs, and city commissioners to attend mandatory ethics training.
2006: Elected to lead the council, Quinn takes the helm as its first out speaker [see page 4].
Katherine Buckman Davis, chairman of the board of Buckman Laboratories, was elected to the board of directors of the Paper Industry Management Association.
The Chairs of the six standing committees shall be elected for three years, but may be re-elected for one additional term to the same chair.
If they are judged to have failed, others will be elected in their place, when their term expires.
Galian was elected DAV National Commander in 1982-83 and has been National Judge Advocate since 1993.
If the employee chooses medical expense reimbursement, the employer will bear no additional cost above regular health insurance, even if non-key employees exhaust all of the medical expense reimbursement benefits they elected with qualifying expenses.
Elected to the House in 1986, Hastert became Speaker in 1999 and was a self-described "straight shooter" in negotiations with President Clinton.
Roy, Associate General Counsel and Assistant Secretary of Freddie Mac, was elected President-elect.
This backroom redistricting has produced a government where hard-core partisans dominate the Legislature, and fewer moderates get elected.
Early this year he was elected president of the international Compass Rose Society, the first Canadian to sit in that post.
This termination will apply to all future transfers, so they will not be treated as indirect skips, but the GST allocation will not be made automatically unless again elected.
The term of office of the chair-elect shall run concurrently with that of the chair and begins on July 1 after the section's annual meeting at which the chair-elect is elected and ends on the succeeding June 30, when the chair-elect automatically assumes the office of chair.
The elected officers of the Association shall be a President, President-elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary-Treasurer, such Vice Presidents as are necessary for the effective operation of the Association as determined by the Board of Directors from time to time, and Directors, one elected from each division.