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couldn't get elected dogcatcher

So unpopular or unqualified as to be unable to be elected to even the lowliest role. A hyperbolic phrase, especially since animal control officers are appointed, not elected. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. After making off-color remarks about several demographics of voters, the would-be mayor couldn't even get elected dogcatcher.
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elect to (something)

To vote someone into a particular position or office. A noun or pronoun can be used between "elect" and "to." I had hoped to be elected to the student government, but a more popular boy beat me out.
See also: elect

elect someone (as) something

to select someone to be something by ballot. We elected her as our representative. She was elected as our president.

elect someone to something

to select someone to be a member of something by ballot; to select someone to be an officer in something by ballot. We elected you to office, so do your job. Tom was elected to the congress.
See also: elect
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If a company's sole purpose in adding a subsidy is to allow key employees to elect more tax-free benefits under the cafeteria plan, the subsidy method is too costly.
Combination category 2/3 transfer: Statement: T hereby elects that the automatic allocation rules will not apply to any transfers by T to B in 2006 or to any additional transfers T may make to B in subsequent years.
Initially, most taxpayers elect the recalculation method.
This simplifies identifying these gifts should the reporting spouse want to elect out of the GST deemed-allocation rules (if applicable).
However, if the spouse did not elect to be relieved of liability during his lifetime, the spouse's estate cannot make an election under Sec.
Page 5 of IRS Publication 501, Exemptions, Standard Deduction, and Filing Information, discusses spouses who elect to file separately and how one spouse may be able to file as head of household if the spouses live apart and meet certain tests.
The taxpayer may elect on an annual basis to compute the amortization using the constant-yield method.
Beginning in 1998, an individual engaged in a farming business can elect to treat all or a portion of his taxable income attributable to farming as "elected farm income.
The Board determined to call the Special Meeting in September 2006 for the purpose of providing Stockholders with another opportunity to elect directors without waiting until the 2007 Annual Meeting.
In some of the more interesting rulings to date regarding a new enterprise, practitioners filed a Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number, and thought it was sufficient to elect S status.
3]The Board also resolved to elect Michel Massart, Ernest Cravatte and Tope Lawani as members of the Audit Committee and to elect Mr.
The situation at issue involves a will that allows the executor to elect any amount as QTIP.
Finally, the plan can allow the participant to elect one of the four choices.
A taxpayer who does not affirmatively elect the ratable accrual method described in Sec.