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You have been reading English poetry with her," he said, immovable now, like another man altogether, a complete stranger to the man of the heavy and uncertain footfalls a little while ago--at my elbow.
Razumov dropped into a chair, let fall his stick, and propped on his elbows, his head between his hands, stared at me persistently, openly, and continuously, while I signalled the waiter and ordered some beer.
You won't do it agin,' said the boy, nodding his head and drawing back, with the elbows ready in case of the worst; 'now--'
Pain in your elbow is worse when you try to straighten your arm.
The elbow is one of the more commonly injured joints, especially in sports associated with throwing, swinging, or punching motions.
An elastic elbow support is another way of helping the healing process.
The objective of this study was to evaluate whether a simple test of full elbow extension was a reliable indicator of bone/joint injury at the elbow joint.
ITHINK I may have tennis elbow and I've never played the game in my life, I don't have a girlfriend who swears at opponents and I haven't become a millionaire by banging a ball across a net.
The wear these materials cause leads to material degradation and contamination, pipe and elbow leaks, equipment and process failures, operational inefficiencies, added maintenance and replacement costs, and shorter-than-expected lifetimes for plant conveying system and the plant itself.
Sudden and intermittent locking of the elbow joint is a common complaint among patients who commonly demonstrate degenerative changes in the elbow.
We'll refer to the arm and elbow that support the forend as our support elbow and the arm that fires the rifle as our firing elbow.
Another challenge comes in the form of repairs that require an elbow to fit to an existing pipeline segment, often making field segmentation of elbows a necessity.
At one time or another, about 15% of the population (more than 50 million people) in the US will have some level of chronic elbow pain.
E2E from Santa Rosa may require a handful of key experts or up to several hundred professionals that work elbow to elbow with physicians and other clinicians to assist them through the go-live process.
FOR years, Elbow seemed destined to be one of Britain's great unfulfilled talents.