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elaborate on (someone or something)

To expand on a particular topic or idea. To say more about someone or something. Can you elaborate on that? I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do there. In your next draft, I think you should really elaborate on your reading of this paragraph of the novel.
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elaborate on someone or something

to give additional details about someone or something. Would you care to elaborate on that? I want to know more about Kelly. Could you elaborate on her?
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It is perhaps possible that Sequoyah has some yet undiscovered correspondence, tucked, for instance, among the papers of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, where Worcester and other elaborators might have written him.
The framers and elaborators of the Guidelines forgot (or ignored) the lessons of the past, namely, the deficiency of formalistic, mechanical law and its consequences for real human beings.
This study suggests that without thorough understanding of a subject matter, preservice teachers might not become analytical observers, critical interpreters, suggestive elaborators, and constructive coaches.
* Elaborators: A question designed to take the conversation with an employee to a new level by expanding on what's already been discussed.
Because resources in such highly interdependent markets are often distributed on the basis of reputations and promises, large and prestigious firms (e.g., Intel) are often able to attract other innovators as adopters and elaborators of their technologies even if their innovations are not superior from a technological standpoint.
Lawrence, the inheritors and elaborators - in their very different ways - of Tennyson's primordial vision, would admit to basic affinities with the German philosopher's thought.(1)
Such elaborators will attempt to process both central and peripheral cues (Stiff).
In listening to a response filled with such exacting detail, moderate elaborators, who do not engage in extensive issue-relevant thinking, were apt to lose sight of the larger issue of deficit reduction.
Only then could they arrive at the ultimate conclusion that Mondale "has a plan for raising taxes." While viewers on the upper end of the elaboration continuum may have been able to fill in the implicit segments of Reagan's enthymeme, his argument may have demanded too much from more moderate elaborators.