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elaborate on (someone or something)

To expand on a particular topic or idea. To say more about someone or something. Can you elaborate on that? I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do there. In your next draft, I think you should really elaborate on your reading of this paragraph of the novel.
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elaborate on someone or something

to give additional details about someone or something. Would you care to elaborate on that? I want to know more about Kelly. Could you elaborate on her?
See also: elaborate, on
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2012) operationalized the depth of knowledge elaboration as the duration of cognitive elaboration per proposition, which was calculated by the number of segments coded as cognitive elaboration.
All variants of data elaboration are executed applying the Bernese GPS Software Ver.
Information elaboration is expected to improve learning behavior.
If the case may be, the conclusions shall enhance the need for the elaboration of some normative documents that result from the engagements assumed by different countries towards international organisms.
McQuarrie and Mick state that visual rhetoric is a subtle device capable of producing a more positive attitude toward the ad associated with a surplus of favorable over unfavorable elaboration.
Irrespective of the way in which they are appreciated, one thing is certain: in this society politics benefit of an important data flux which ensures a solid theoretical basis to the political act in its various phases, of information, elaboration, decision, and application.
These discrepancies between faculty and student beliefs suggest that faculty should use explicit terms such as rehearsal, organization, elaboration, and critical thinking and explain how they may be applied to course content and assignments.
As expected, the extent to which students value the learning task was positively related to their use of cognitive strategies, such as elaboration (r = .
1997b) describe reviewer judgment processes along an elaboration continuum.
In the end, I found myself convinced in large part by Wink's argument and only wanting for more elaboration on the relationship between nonviolence and the atonement.
That thesis, briefly stated, is that we thoroughly misunderstand ancient philosophy when we take it to be the elaboration of intellectual "systems," because its essence is above all the choice, practice, and justification of a radically transforming way of life.
Without elaboration, the self-designated mayor insisted that Baghdad's legal system -- as well as the country's new constitution -- would be based on Islamic law.
The pathetic travesty of corporate bigwigs fattening themselves at the company trough needs no further elaboration here.
The compilation is clearly printed, containing original fingerings and pedal indications, but the scholar or serious student might wish for elaboration of the titles or explanation of Chaminade's musical intentions in determining an appropriate interpretation of the works.
The work of Max Renkel carries out a wide-ranging investigation of the procedures, logical connections, unpredictable rhythms, and imperceptible passages that, in the elaboration of an image on canvas, intervene between idea and execution.