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elaborate on (someone or something)

To expand on a particular topic or idea. To say more about someone or something. Can you elaborate on that? I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do there. In your next draft, I think you should really elaborate on your reading of this paragraph of the novel.
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elaborate on someone or something

to give additional details about someone or something. Would you care to elaborate on that? I want to know more about Kelly. Could you elaborate on her?
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* Same score by the other four criteria (concision and stringency, degree of elaborateness and transparency, validity, reliability), with a reservation in favour of the VSM regarding its 'insightfulness'.
Nonetheless, Kranzler (1994) writes that while many of the studies have suffered from various methodological inadequacies, these do not allow for a disconfirmation of other competing hypotheses as to why there might be between-group differences in performance (e.g., differences in the participants' knowledge base elaborateness and structure; Ceci, 1990).
In a recent offer he received that stood out for its comical elaborateness, Moinian described plans that were laid on his desk for a piece of land on the East Side with no views.
Their collaboration and apportioning of assignments is charming (to develop an arsenal for sabotaging the rallroad; to enlist malcontent first-graders to destroy the boys' latrine; to infiltrate PTA meetings); the elaborateness of their schemes, and the number that succeed, is impressive; and the animation of the central character, Grover the boy genius--with his enormous vocabulary, fund of information, and flights of hilarity--is particularly savory.
Whatever the elaborateness of scenarios, then, surprises may be expected, including some that overwhelm "capabilities-based analysis."
The dust-jacket is worth seeing for itself, but one wonders how much of a book's cost results from such elaborateness? Gold embossing of the title and the author's name just begins its description.
Ackerman believes that ordinary constitutional law in all its elaborateness (mostly "fog," (10) he seems to think) should overtly give way in states of emergency like that occasioned by September 11.
He notes at one point (Gell 1998:202ff) that certain Marquesan utilitarian objects, such as fan handles, were ornamented with images of deities (etua) and that the elaborateness of the ornamentation varied directly with what he assumes was the political power of their owners.
But Europe proposed to apply it on a scale and with an elaborateness of detail of which no former world ever dreamed.
While Arnold is certainly not the first to use a simile in this way, his use of the simile in such a way in the aftermath of his exposure to Of the Conduct of the Understanding and his exploitation of the elaborateness inherent in the epic simile as opposed to its more humble relation, the simple simile, suggest that Arnold is interested in Sohrab and Rustum in using the epic simile to invest his language at crucial moments in the text with precision and accuracy in delineating the mental states of his various characters so that the didactic force of the tragic fragment will be both more obvious and effective to Arnold's imagined audience.
Additionally, they are expected to use sound judgment so that proportion both as to expense and delay is maintained between the nature of the problem to be solved and the cost and elaborateness of the proposed response or solution.
One is the elaborateness of ideas and emotion in what a client presents.
All interviews were conducted in a private location in the child's school across multiple sessions varying in length from 30 to 90 min depending upon the attention span of the children and the elaborateness of the children's social network and social activities.
Taking into account the elaborateness of, e.g., the current instrumentary of Indo-European comparative linguistics and the amount of compared language materials, can one seriously expect any word to become finally "no internal etymology"?
The elaborateness here and in "Cask," as well as the quasi-religiosity, brings to mind the extraordinary schematization of the murder scenarios conjured by the serial killer "John Doe" (Kevin Spacey) in Seven, the very title of which is an ecclesiastical-canonical reference to the traditional seven deadly sins.