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elaborate on (someone or something)

To expand on a particular topic or idea. To say more about someone or something. Can you elaborate on that? I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do there. In your next draft, I think you should really elaborate on your reading of this paragraph of the novel.
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elaborate on someone or something

to give additional details about someone or something. Would you care to elaborate on that? I want to know more about Kelly. Could you elaborate on her?
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The intricacy of his work--especially when it comes to the elaborately worked frames--can evoke that of outsider artists; it's hard not to think of what's sometimes called "tramp art" in particular.
The plaque, an elaborately engraved ax, hangs in the classroom of the Shrewsbury Fire Headquarters.
He has elaborately discussed how this has revolutionised in different sectors of the extension system.
"This type of kunafa is made manually by putting elaborately kneaded flour inside the metal can, which has holes at the bottom.
She said the book had elaborately highlighted every aspect of life in Canada hence it would prove handy for the Asian immigrants especially students, business and senior citizens.
The elaborately decorated coffin contains the wrapped remains of Meresamun, a woman believed to have been a singer-priestess at a temple in Thebes in 800 BC.
In this elaborately illustrated book, He explains how the ancient Egyptians' beliefs are represented in the architecture and adornment of the tombs of their kings.
This is formed by the conjunction of the warm rough travertine and an angle of beautifully cast white concrete that rises to form the other side of the entrance, turns horizontal to become the roof of the entrance hall, then projects over the stone wall which, in contrast to the smooth whiteness of the concrete, is naturally and elaborately decorated with fossil plants and shells.
This concept is the "First Amendment of the Internet," and is more elaborately discussed under "f.a.q." on the Savethelnternet.com website.
Over the years it has grown to a pathway of elaborately stenciled designs using a rainbow of colors spanning the length of the parking lot along with two altars erected for Benediction.
The Miao, well known for their hospitality and love of song and dance, generally depend on farming; their neat and elaborately embroidered jackets and bags are much sought after by tourists.
From the Five Mean Machines stories to Nightmare Jobs, you can devour this as an elaborately coursed meal, or nibble on it one morsel at a time.
Other restored architectural elements included: the fabrication and installation of a replica North Tower "Fleche" which had been removed years ago, selected restoration of the elaborately carved decorative wood sanctuary interior, and stained glass windows.
Movie legend Gary Cooper is commemorated in America Remembers' elaborately decorated Winchester Model 94 lever-action rifle.
Anyway, he then studies Sufism in Turkey, Tibetan Buddhism in India (he has his shoes stolen), skitters through Hiroshima, learns to "breathe in the suffering of the world's victims in the form of a dark cloud" and, contrariwise, to "breathe out compassion." This helps him withstand the beauty and bravery of a visit with the Revolutionary Afghan Women's Association (where, by the way, he becomes elaborately fearful of being shot), the anguish of 9/11 back in North America, the deprivations of an Afghan refugee camp in Palestine, and a really heart-searching, uplifting sojourn with gentle and fiercely intelligent Christian Palestinian parents in Bethlehem whose children have been killed by Israeli car bombs ("Your genes change; what are you going to do with the rest of your life?").