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Get a rare calm day in March like we had for last year's El Cheapo and look for a wreck that maybe doesn't see boats on a regular basis.
Caption: Kids can get in on the El Cheapo action, too.
For those that remember we travelled by train with a company called Transalpino who specialised in providing travel el cheapo.
But yesterday, Lib Dem MSP Donald Gorrie said: "It is like an el cheapo hotel although I am sure it will be a tarted up el cheapo hotel.
He pistol-whips the officer and tries to shoot her twice with his own illegally-obtained El Cheapo pistol.
The annual El Cheapo Sheepshead tournament is a big one, held this year Feb.
It is not a coincidence that the largest sheepshead tournament in the known world, The El Cheapo, will be fished out of Jacksonville Feb.
23, the El Cheapo, sponsored by the Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club.
We were really thankful that the folks at the El Cheapo Tournament in Jacksonville allowed us to drop a flyer in each of their captain's buckets.
The El Cheapo Tournament is hosted by the Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club.
The El Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament is the debutante ball for the tough brawler that wears prison stripes on his flanks and sports a set of incisors that old-timers say allows him to eat corn on the cob through atennis racket.
As quickly as the fish are weighed at the El Cheapo, they're filleted and prepped for the popular fish fry that winds the event down.
If you really want to experience all that sheepshead fishing has to offer, you have to enter the El Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament.
For nine years running, anglers in Jacksonville, one of the hardest-fishing cities in Florida, have been clamoring to fish The El Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament in late February, at the height of big sheepshead season in the northeast.