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Twenty-year-old Josie Tyrell, who ran away at 17 from her poor, stultifying small-town roots, ends up in Los Angeles, where she ekes out an existence acting in student film projects and posing nude for art classes.
Meanwhile, Electra has been condemned to a marriage to a poverty-stricken nobleman (Richard Soto) who ekes out an existence as a farmer.
He transforms himself into "Brain Nigger Charlie" and ekes out a life as a modern-day hobo on the railroads of America, using drugs as his therapy.
Yet she ekes out the maximum push and pull from her canny alliances of colors--a strangely warm blue next to a paradoxically cool pink, or similarly disorienting mixes of sour with sweet, hearty with delicate.
Frank Vincent), who now ekes out a living running a home-repair business.