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eject from (something)

1. To propel someone or something out of something, often an airplane. A noun or pronoun can be used between "eject" and "from." When it became clear that a crash was imminent, the pilot ejected himself from the plane and miraculously survived. The investigation showed that the passenger was ejected from the vehicle.
2. To forcibly remove someone from a situation or place. A noun or pronoun can be used between "eject" and "from." If you keep talking during the play, you'll be ejected from the theater!
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eject (someone) from

some place to use force to make someone leave a place; to throw someone out of some place. The management ejected Sam from the theater. He was ejected from the theater.
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Researchers also believe the interstellar asteroid may have been ejected when planets began forming in the system.
It just forces the stub base to be ejected more aggressively.
Then, adjust the cam only if it becomes necessary--when the stub bases eject too slowly because of cold weather.
Smith explained that EDO has developed and tested the AVEL to address the need to carry and eject missiles from within concealed weapon bays.
A Yes, the direction in which the empty brass is ejected can be altered and relatively easily.
A study reported last week suggests that during the roughly 10 billion years that these black holes power the brilliant light beacons known as quasars, they also generate high-speed winds that eject an amount of gas equivalent to billions of suns.
AIC identifies bottles on an inspection conveyor and ejects them from a 40-ft-long sorting conveyor; undetermined bottles stay on the conveyor for recirculation or disposal.
The blue supergiant ejected a high-speed wind that eventually caught up with the sluggish material expelled by the star in its previous, red supergiant incarnation.
A less tightly bound electron orbiting farther away then falls into the more internal vacancy while the atom ejects a third, "Auger" electron.
They were also able to determine that rocky objects are ejected from binary systems in comparable numbers to icy objects.
Q I am a left-handed shooter and have often wondered if all semiautomatic handguns eject to the right.
That approach, however, means that the flash is still soft and pliable when ejected, which can create other problems.