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eject from (something)

1. To propel someone or something out of something, often an airplane. A noun or pronoun can be used between "eject" and "from." When it became clear that a crash was imminent, the pilot ejected himself from the plane and miraculously survived. The investigation showed that the passenger was ejected from the vehicle.
2. To forcibly remove someone from a situation or place. A noun or pronoun can be used between "eject" and "from." If you keep talking during the play, you'll be ejected from the theater!
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eject (someone) from

some place to use force to make someone leave a place; to throw someone out of some place. The management ejected Sam from the theater. He was ejected from the theater.
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Now he is in a full-body plaster cast after shattering two vertebrae when ejecting from the Hunter.
An electron with energy E ionizes an inner shell with binding energy [E.sub.B], and in the process is scattered by a wave vector q emerging with energy E' and ejecting an electron of energy [epsilon] from the atom.
One was like a gas cylinder going off, which might have been the pilot ejecting, then there was another big bang which must have been the plane dropping down.
His injuries are consistent with ejecting from an aircraft.
A spacecraft has found the first direct evidence that storms generated on the sun squeeze Earth's upper atmosphere, ejecting gases into space.
Paul Beaver of Jane's Defence Weekly said: "A pilot ejecting will normally try to direct his aircraft into the sea or an area where it can crash safely."
Clark's reaction was enough to draw the ire of a King of Prussia security guard, who harshly rebuked the sisters before ejecting them from the mall.
Biretta of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore cautions that the researchers haven't pinned down the distance to the object ejecting the gas, thought to be a neutron star or black hole that steals matter from a less-dense companion.
The video depicts a massive loop of plasma ejecting from the sun's surface and across the face of the star.
Heathcote of Cerro Tololo conclude that 1987A began ejecting its gas cloud at least 400,000 years before it went supernova.
According to their theory, a very small fraction of the neutrinos produced by the supernova excite some of the dying star's neon-20 nuclei, which then take a step down the periodic table by ejecting a proton to create fluorine-19.