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eject from (something)

1. To propel someone or something out of something, often an airplane. A noun or pronoun can be used between "eject" and "from." When it became clear that a crash was imminent, the pilot ejected himself from the plane and miraculously survived. The investigation showed that the passenger was ejected from the vehicle.
2. To forcibly remove someone from a situation or place. A noun or pronoun can be used between "eject" and "from." If you keep talking during the play, you'll be ejected from the theater!
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eject (someone) from

some place to use force to make someone leave a place; to throw someone out of some place. The management ejected Sam from the theater. He was ejected from the theater.
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35pm regarding a "group of males" who were ejected by door staff.
Horton's two-game suspension is for continuing to argue after being ejected and Heineman was suspended for unsportsmanlike conduct toward an umpire, according to Oregon.
Mr Tempest was ejected at the behest of Greater Manchester Police, who had witnessed his behaviour.
Quinton Ross' defense appeared to frustrate Anthony, who was also was ejected in a regular-season game against the Clippers last season on April 4, when he punched a ball more than 20 rows into the crowd.
The findings reveal that the pressure exerted by sunlight would have scattered most of the ejected material before it had a chance to fall back to the planet.
Once the castings have solidified, the mold opens, and the cast components are ejected from the top portion of the mold onto a platform carried by the robot.
The pilot ejected and has been taken to the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham.
At that point, the husband claimed that since the purchase of the apartments had been in his wife's name only, he was still a rent-stabilized tenant, and thus could not be ejected from the apartments.
Windshields not only support the roof of your vehicle, says AAA, they also protect motorists from being ejected during head-on collisions, roll-overs and vehicle crashes when combined with the use of a safety belt.
De La Salle will be without its head tactician in its first game against Ateneo next Sunday after Aldin Ayo was ejected in their match against University of the East.
A rumor that Nina Turner was ejected from the 2016 Democratic National Convention Tuesday has Bernie Sanders supporters riled up.
A season-high 141 spectators were ejected Saturday from Autzen Stadium during the Oregon/Arizona State football game, according to statistics released by the University of Oregon.
Reed then went to the mound to hand Penny the ball and inform him he could face only one more batter, at which point Penny lost his temper and also was ejected.
Some of the ejected material would then fall back toward the exploded star.