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eject from (something)

1. To propel someone or something out of something, often an airplane. A noun or pronoun can be used between "eject" and "from." When it became clear that a crash was imminent, the pilot ejected himself from the plane and miraculously survived. The investigation showed that the passenger was ejected from the vehicle.
2. To forcibly remove someone from a situation or place. A noun or pronoun can be used between "eject" and "from." If you keep talking during the play, you'll be ejected from the theater!
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eject (someone) from

some place to use force to make someone leave a place; to throw someone out of some place. The management ejected Sam from the theater. He was ejected from the theater.
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For its part, Boeing, Airbus's main rival, said that while it supports industry efforts to improve the ability to find aircraft and recorders, more research is needed into ejectable recorders.
Higher pressures should result in a higher glasstransition temperature and therefore an earlier attainment of an ejectable modulus.