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eject from (something)

1. To propel someone or something out of something, often an airplane. A noun or pronoun can be used between "eject" and "from." When it became clear that a crash was imminent, the pilot ejected himself from the plane and miraculously survived. The investigation showed that the passenger was ejected from the vehicle.
2. To forcibly remove someone from a situation or place. A noun or pronoun can be used between "eject" and "from." If you keep talking during the play, you'll be ejected from the theater!
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eject (someone) from

some place to use force to make someone leave a place; to throw someone out of some place. The management ejected Sam from the theater. He was ejected from the theater.
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On landing, the probe was supposed to open like a clamshell and deploy solar panels and instruments that would look for signs of life on the red planet, but nothing more was heard from Beagle 2 after it was ejected from its mothership and contact ceased--until early in 2015.
The bank said late on Friday that it had extended the deadline to eject Africa's biggest economy by another six months.
And, we instruct shooters to purposely eject live rounds onto the ground all the time during failure drills (tap, rack, bang).
A Turkish F-16 fighter jet crashed in south-eastern Turkey on Monday near the Syrian border, and its pilot is believed to have safely ejected
Easily adaptable to any make and model of articulated off-highway truck as well as a number of rigid frame trucks, PHIL Rear Eject Bodies curtail the challenges associated with traditional dump bodies.
He showed the jury how bullets could be ejected manually from a Glock semiautomatic pistol without firing them.
At press time, the cause of the crash had not been determined, but the pilot, Captain Darren Blakie, successfully ejected before the aircraft hit the ground.
When fired, the cases eject easily from the six good chambers but you have to use a cleaning rod to remove the case from the seventh chamber.
British Bases spokesman Stuart Bardsley said: "The pilots ejected from the aircraft and are currently being treated for non-life-threatening injuries."
Then, adjust the cam only if it becomes necessary--when the stub bases eject too slowly because of cold weather.
Applications: High-output molding Standard features: Proportional hydraulics, positioning accurate to 0.001 in., closed-loop process control, hydraulic core pull, three-stage air eject.
Astronomical models indicate that most heavyweights expel large amounts of matter before they die, but that they eject this material relatively slowly, over their entire 3-to-4-million-year lifetimes.
We all know that some aircraft have ejection seats, and they are used to safely eject aircrew.