either way

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either way

A phrase used in reference to two possible outcomes or actions. A: "What if I don't get the job?" B: "They haven't called you yet either way, so try not to worry too much."
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ˈeither way


ˌone way or the ˈother

used to say that it does not matter which one of two possibilities happens, is chosen or is true: Was it his fault or not? Either way, an explanation is due.We could meet today or tomorrow — I don’t mind one way or the other.
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But in either ways, the clashes reminded Southerners that there is no rule of law in South Sudan at the moment.
In a Twenty20 format, it is the small mistakes or one wrong move that can tilt the match either ways and end up in a defeat for the erring team.
Earlier, reports surfaced that April Kepner will make some tough decisions that will bring in "lots of regrets" either ways.
In fact, there is also a dedicated button for Wi-Fi, something that could go either ways with the audience.
The recent IPL saw West Indian Sunil Narine spin webs around unsuspecting batsmen, with his finger spinners turning either ways a la Ramadhin and Gleeson.
It is not that one party should be blamed either ways, whether it is the Indian side or the Australian side," said Raju.
A 50 basis point movement in interest rate either ways would impact the bankEoee1/4eaos net interest income to the extent of RO405,000 while a 100 basis point movement would impact it to the extent of RO811,000, as per prognosis given in the bankEoee1/4eaos annual report.
So it is a struggle either ways. Maybe accepting the whole situation will bring about the balance I needed for my mind.
Either ways, we're hoping that this feature be available within the month across all Gmail accounts to see whether the buttons actually work the way Google hopes they will.
It also expects to maintain a net interest margin of 3.2 per cent although there could be fluctuations of 10-15 basis points either ways in the latter
Either ways, it is a win-win situation for consumers.