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either way

A phrase used in reference to two possible outcomes or actions. A: "What if I don't get the job?" B: "They haven't called you yet either way, so try not to worry too much."
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me either

I also would not or do not. A: "I really don't care for strawberry ice cream." B: "Ugh, me either!" A: "I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a dress like that." B: "Me either."
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feast or famine

Describing a situation in which there is either an excess or a lack of quantity. Freelance projects always seem to be feast or famine, unfortunately—this line of work is very unpredictable.
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on either hand

On either or both sides. It was quite breathtaking walking at the very bottom of the Grand Canyon, with colossal, ancient cliff faces towering over you on either hand. He strolled into the room with a beautiful woman on either hand.
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*(either) feast or famine

Fig. either too much (of something) or not enough (of something). (*Typically: be ~; have ~.) This month is very dry, and last month it rained almost every day. Our weather is either feast or famine. Sometimes we are busy, and sometimes we have nothing to do. It's feast or famine.
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feast or famine

Also, either feast or famine. Either too much or too little, too many or too few. For example, Free-lancers generally find it's feast or famine-too many assignments or too few, or Yesterday two hundred showed up at the fair, today two dozen-it's either feast or famine . This expression, which transfers an overabundance or shortage of food to numerous other undertakings, was first recorded in 1732 as feast or fast, the noun famine being substituted in the early 1900s.
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feast or famine

If someone describes a situation as feast or famine, they mean that there is always either too much or too little of something. Money is a problem. `It's feast or famine with me,' she says. Note: People often vary this expression. This new series is a feast in what is otherwise a famine of intelligent television. After a long famine, a mini-feast: investors are once again providing banks with the capital they need.
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feast or famine

either too much of something or too little.
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on either/every ˈhand

(literary) on both/all sides; in every direction: We were surrounded on every hand by dancing couples.
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ˈeither way


ˌone way or the ˈother

used to say that it does not matter which one of two possibilities happens, is chosen or is true: Was it his fault or not? Either way, an explanation is due.We could meet today or tomorrow — I don’t mind one way or the other.
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feast or famine

Either an overabundance or a shortage. This expression originated as either feast or fast, which is how it appeared in Thomas Fuller’s Gnomologia (1732) and still survived in 1912 (“Dock labour has been graphically described as ‘either a feast or a fast,’” London Daily Telegraph). In America, famine was substituted sometime during the twentieth century. The term is still frequently applied to alternating overabundance and shortages of work, as is often the case for freelancers, seasonal laborers, and the like.
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Table 4 depicts respondents either received training for teaching methodologies or not they have different opinion about training transfer environment, where as they have same opinion about instructional development, personal development, personal needs, personal motivation and organizational development.
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The fact remains, however, that] it is not possible [for either] the totality of the heavens or their parts [to have] either upward or downward movement, because if the heavens were to have this natural conflict, they would never be able to gain actuality, as a result of this idle power, as [such a] conflict does not benefit anything; in nature, there is nothing idle, and nor do we find anything idle in the divine worlds.
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Rising liability insurance costs are taking a toll on outdoor adventure and the emerging ecotourism operators in northeastern Ontario who have either seen their rates leap dramatically or have had their policies cancelled.