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do a 180

1. Literally, to begin moving in the opposite direction. (If one physically turns 180 degrees, one will then be facing the opposite direction.) I was going to go to the park, but when I saw those dark clouds roll in, I did a 180 and headed back home.
2. To make a big change in one's position, opinion, lifestyle, etc. A: "Can you believe that Sam quit his job at the firm?" B: "No, he really did a 180 on being a paralegal!"
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do an about-face

To suddenly and completely turn or change one's direction. This phrase can describe one's physical movement or a change in concept. She did an about-face and walked back up the steps once she saw that the subway wasn't running. Based on the reactions we got from test audiences, we need to do an about-face with the movie's plot.


1. To eject someone from an establishment without serving them. The boss hates this guy and wants us to 86 him.
2. To cancel or stop something. Why would they 86 the plans for renovations? The building is practically falling apart.
3. To dispose of something. Ugh, can we please 86 the cole slaw? Just looking at it is making me nauseous.

the eighty-eight

slang The piano. A reference to the eighty-eight keys of a piano. Tom got up and played an amazing tune on the eighty-eight. It was a classy place. The waiters were all in tuxedos and there was a woman in the corner playing on the eighty-eight the whole evening.

do a one-eighty

 and turn one hundred and eighty degrees 
1. Lit. to turn around and go in the opposite direction. When I hollered, the dog did a one-eighty and headed back to its own yard.
2. Fig. to radically reverse a decision or opinion. His political philosophy turned one hundred and eighty degrees when he grew a little older.

eighty-six something

Sl. to throw something away. Let's eighty-six this stew and go out and get some decent pizza.

do an about-face

Also, do a flip-flop or one-eighty . Reverse one's opinion or course of action. For example, The board did an about-face on acquiring more land, or We expected Dad to do a flip-flop concerning our vacation plans, or They had relied on Jim to vote for Harry, but he did a one-eighty and cast his vote for the incumbent . The first term, alluding to the army command to turn around, dates from the first half of the 1900s, and the variants from the second half of the 1900s (the last refers to a 180-degree change of direction).

the eighty-eight

n. a piano. (Pianos have eighty-eight keys.) Sam can really beat the eighty-eight.


and 86
tv. to dispose of someone or something; to nix someone or something. He wants $400? Eighty-six that! We can’t afford it.


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