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eighth wonder

Something especially magnificent, surprising, or awe inspiring. A shortening of "eighth wonder of the world," referring to something that would be recognized along with the classical Seven Wonders of the World (which include the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon). Many people consider the eighth wonder to be the Great Wall of China, though there are other marvels around the world that could claim that title as well. The incredible 18-hole course is commonly called the eighth wonder of the golf world.
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the eighth wonder of the world

Something deemed magnificent enough to be recognized along with the classical Seven Wonders of the World (which include the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon). Many people consider the Great Wall of China to be the eighth wonder of the world.
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eighth wonder

A marvel; an astonishing or surprising thing or event. This expression, often used sarcastically, implies that something is (or is scarcely) worthy of being classed with the so-called seven wonders of the ancient world: the Pyramids of Egypt, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Tomb of Mausolus, Temple of Diana at Ephesus, Colossus of Rhodes, statue of Jupiter by Phidias, and the Pharos of Alexandria. The English novelist Maria Edgeworth wrote in a letter in 1831, “A spoiled child of 30 whose mother and father . . . think him the 8th wonder of the world.” See also nine-day wonder.
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