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A tractor-trailer that has 18 wheels. Be careful changing lanes, there's an 18-wheeler coming up behind you.
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n. a large trailer truck. (There are a total of eighteen wheels on the cab and trailer.) An eighteen-wheeler almost ran me off the road.
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I reached the beginning of the year eighteen hundred and four without encountering the marriage, and then travelled back through December eighteen hundred and three--through November and October-- through
I suppose the clergyman who officiated here in the year eighteen hundred and three is no longer alive?"
He brought his second wife to England toward the close of eighteen hundred and sixty six.
At the opening of eighteen hundred and sixty-seven the relations between Anne and Blanche were relations of sisterly sympathy and sisterly love.
she has disturbed me, night and day, through eighteen years - incessantly - remorselessly - till yesternight; and yesternight I was tranquil.
They say it is eighteen hundred feet deep at this point, but it does not look a dead enough blue for that.
First, the perplexing mystery of the place was, Who belonged to the eighteen denominations?
'On eighteen shillings a week,' went on Jeanne, satirically, 'you would support a wife, yes?
The lanes and alleys, which I could not enter, but only view them as I passed, are from twelve to eighteen inches.
The viceroy of Tigre had inquired of me a few days before how many men one India ship carried, and being told that the complement of some was a thousand men, he compared that answer with the report then spread over all the country, that there were eighteen Portuguese vessels on the coast of Adel, and concluded that they were manned by an army of eighteen thousand men; then considering what had been achieved by four hundred, under the command of Don Christopher de Gama, he thought Abyssinia already ravaged, or subjected to the King of Portugal.
The next morning they resumed their wayfaring, hungry and jaded, and had a dogged march of eighteen miles among the same kind of hills.