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alter ego

1. Another name or identity that one assumes. He's a clean-cut accountant during the week, but on the weekend he indulges in hedonistic pursuits as his alter ego "Jack."
2. A separate or different aspect or element of one's personality, identity, or psyche. For such a quiet woman, she has a rage and temper at times that is like some alter ego.
3. A close, inseparable friend of very similar attitudes and interests. My girlfriend and I are so similar, we are like each other's alter ego.
4. A person who acts as a substitute for or copy of another person; a doppelgänger. Due to his increasingly failing health, the dictator's son has been running the country for the past month, essentially as his alter ego.
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ego trip

A display of superiority and self-centeredness. Are you on an ego trip? I'm not one of your lowly interns, so you can get your own coffee! The boss must have been on a real ego trip when he decided to name the building after himself.
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stroke someone's ego

Fig. to flatter and praise someone. If you have trouble with him, just take a few minutes and stroke his ego. You'll soon have him eating out of your hand.
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ego trip

Behavior or activities undertaken mainly out of vanity or for self-gratification. For example, She's really on an ego trip, trying out for the lead. [1960s]
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ego trip

n. a public expression of one’s feelings of importance or superiority. The guy is on another ego trip. Pay no attention.
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ego tripper

n. a person who habitually goes on an ego trip. Not another ego tripper running for public office!
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You may have to use a subtle, non-confrontational approach, since an individual with a huge ego may not be overly receptive to suggestions and advice.
And although the eGO looks stylish enough,even its best friends would agree that it hardly has the chic of the best of the Italian and French mopeds.
For our purposes, we will define ego in the psychoanalytic sense, as stated by Brown and Fromm (1986, p.
4] In such a system, the subject is encouraged to experience social position as a part of the ego, and social relations as constitutive of identity.
A briefly flashed word enters a verbal subsystem before it can hook up with the executive ego, he argues; thus, indirect cues, such as an ambiguous fragment of the same word with several letters missing, quickly evoke the previously viewed word by tapping into the unconscious subsystem where it resides.
Thus, we can strive so to expand our ego as to embrace all reality, even going through the unavoidable suffering in our lives to the good that lies beyond.
Keane reckons he could pick out EIGHT stars who are letting their ego get in the way of their performances for the national team.
Joel Epstein has appeared nationally on Fox, CNN, and in US Weekly, commenting on big egos.
When we live wrapped up around our own egos and their pathetic fears and aspirations, we inhabit the narrow space of the pusilla anirna (the little soul), but when we forget our awful seriousness, when we live in a risky freedom, when we leap ecstatically beyond what we can know and control, we inhabit the infinite expanse of the magna anima (the great soul).
HMG Worldwide Corporation (Nasdaq:HMGC), a world class in-store and online marketing pioneer with a 35-year heritage of creating award-winning environment and brand identity solutions for the Fortune 1000, is pleased to announce that on May 22, 2001, at the Interactive Advertising Awards Gala, held in conjunction with the annual Clio Festival in Miami Beach, Florida, Company subsidiary Ego Media, Inc.
They go hand in hand and I have got to get the message across over the next few weeks that we are going to leave some of these egos out.
Father and son have big egos that clash because there's only room for one ego.
TM)' has the ability to select an avatar (one's alter ego character) for self-representation on the Internet.
If that's the case, it is another example of the council's outsized political ego interfering with dispassionate analysis of public policy.
This is the shell of ego, the protective shell of a person in control, navigating through various everyday life situations.