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Or is it an ego trip into the political arena on the world stage, to rub shoulders with world leaders?
Ever since his ego trip on the long-forgotten Big Breakfast, profoundly unpopular Johnny (inset below) has lurched from disaster to disaster - inspiring millions of fed-up viewers to reach for the "off" switch.
Keane added, 'I have not come up here on an ego trip or to unwind.
Keane said: "I have not come up here on an ego trip or to unwind.
He found another gear, grabbed the stands' rail, and in a matter of strides had taken the measure of Grey Plover and Ego Trip.
Once more an animal has paid the price for someone's ego trip.
Ego Trip boasts a fine record this season and the Mick Easterby-trained three-year-old looks the answer to the totepool Handicap.
Teachers and Jeremy Corbyn speak for pupils, parents, taxpayers and good education in opposing Tory fanatics who ignore evidence and experts to go on an ideological ego trip.
But I do agree that David Cameron has no need to waste his breath or offer sweeteners as temptation for this vote which some of us see as an ego trip for Salmond and Sturgeon.
buxtonlad TYPICAL WAG wasting money on a service where there is no demand but gives them an ego trip - and not investing in services where there is potential demand.
RESIDENTS of the Prince of Wales's model village were divided over a Cabinet minister's suggestion that their homes were born of a Royal ego trip.
I couldn't find a single laugh in it and it just seems to be a platform for so-called actors to use as much foul language as possible, for shock purpose only, and an ego trip for the main man.
Over at Southwell Mick Easterby's Ego Trip would not be winning out of turn in the wbx.
That means you have a homogenized look at Darin's complicated life that is designed, like most of Spacey's recent films, to produce a showy ego trip for the lead actor and cheap, unearned, beyond-earnest sentiment for the unfortunate, paying customers.