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alter ego

1. Another name or identity that one assumes. He's a clean-cut accountant during the week, but on the weekend he indulges in hedonistic pursuits as his alter ego "Jack."
2. A separate or different aspect or element of one's personality, identity, or psyche. For such a quiet woman, she has a rage and temper at times that is like some alter ego.
3. A close, inseparable friend of very similar attitudes and interests. My girlfriend and I are so similar, we are like each other's alter ego.
4. A person who acts as a substitute for or copy of another person; a doppelgänger. Due to his increasingly failing health, the dictator's son has been running the country for the past month, essentially as his alter ego.
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ego trip

A display of superiority and self-centeredness. Are you on an ego trip? I'm not one of your lowly interns, so you can get your own coffee! The boss must have been on a real ego trip when he decided to name the building after himself.
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stroke (one's) ego

To appeal to one's pride or vanity. You're not going to get what you want by stroking the boss's ego. If anything, that's a good way to get in trouble with her! I couldn't resist stroking my ego a bit by reading some of the good reviews for my latest film.
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Someone who is apt to act in a superior and self-centered manner. Don't get coffee for that ego-tripper—you're not one of his lowly interns. The boss must be a real ego tripper—I mean, he named a building after himself!

stroke someone's ego

Fig. to flatter and praise someone. If you have trouble with him, just take a few minutes and stroke his ego. You'll soon have him eating out of your hand.
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ego trip

Behavior or activities undertaken mainly out of vanity or for self-gratification. For example, She's really on an ego trip, trying out for the lead. [1960s]
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ego trip

n. a public expression of one’s feelings of importance or superiority. The guy is on another ego trip. Pay no attention.
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ego tripper

n. a person who habitually goes on an ego trip. Not another ego tripper running for public office!
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ego trip

A display of self-importance, a vehicle for self-satisfaction: for example, “These annual art shows of hers are simply an ego trip; she has no talent whatsoever.” This pejorative term dates from the second half of the 1900s. It brands someone as an egotist, which Ambrose Bierce defined as “A person of low taste, more interested in himself than in me” (The Devil’s Dictionary, 1911).
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We hypothesized that compared to individuals whose ego was not depleted, depletion of the ego from prior self-control would lead to the individual lowering his or her construal level, and, in turn, this ego depletion would make that individual focus more on subordinate features rather than core features of a goal.
The player's goal orientation will be measured by the Task and Ego Orientation Sport Questionnaire (TEOSQ).
For this, Torque created the EGO Surf S and EGO Max S, featuring 4- and 5-inch screens, respectively.
This ego must be in tune with the rest of the team.
The aim of this study was to investigate the communication between the psychiatric nurses and the patients in terms of Transactional Analysis Theory ego states and determine the most commonly used ego state in a nurse-patient communication.
In 2011, a move into permanent premises on Silver Street helped the team to launch a dedicated EGO Arts Venue, which has allowed them to open the city's only meat-free vegetarian and vegan cafe as well as host a variety of events, celebrating both home-grown and international talent.
It is to become ever more completely human, that is, to expand our selves, our Egos, ever more to include our parents, siblings, spouse, children, neighbors, city, country, world--even, according to Rabbi Yeshua, our enemies--but also beyond persons to include animals, plants, and ultimately the Source and Goal of all, Ultimately Reality, however understood.
Tradeshows like EGO Pakistan 2015 help nations to experience development, venture inflows and monetary manageability.
We then articulate several hypotheses that connect network structure to network innovations by examining ego networks in the global automotive industry.
Nazih Group, a leading distributor of salon products and equipment in Mena, has launched Alter Ego Italy, the world-renowned professional hair care brand, in the UAE.
Dr Freud calls these three entities the Id, the ego, and the super ego.
Lawtoo explains Nietzsche's premise: "this phantom is born out of an unconscious process of psychic 'communication' that spreads contagiously from self to others, one head to another head, depriving 'the great majority' of their own thoughts, values, and opinions and, thus, turning their ego into what he calls, once again, a 'phantom of the ego.
EGO DOCUMENTA: THE TESTAMENT OF MY EGO IN THE MUSEUM OF MY MIND provides a visual art document from filmmaker, curator and visual Dutch artist Felix de Rooy, and is a recommendation for any arts collection interested in the juxtaposition of intellect, art, and self-reflection.
The Four Conditions of Ego States and their Associated Interventions
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