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Shaped this way, however, our eggy dough rose out instead of up.
Eggy, a white Labrador-Saluki mixed breed, has rickets (causing bone deformity), meaning he was malnourished before arriving at the shelter.
PC Hawken, who is based at Holyhead police station on Anglesey, ran the account under a pseudonym "Eggy Jo".
Fizz pairs well with the strong eggy flavour, while the fruity tones complement the creaminess of the sandwich - and explains why egg mayo graces the menu on so many champagne afternoon teas!
for twelve months of pleasure, & as I nibble your wild milky eggy
These delicious eggy treats are great served cold - perfect for a picnic lunch
Supposedly pronounced as AW-kuh, the new range is available in four models - Eggy, Wooky, Soul and YoYo.
Your children will love the crispy coating and the eggy surprise inside.
The recently released Eggy Words apps are available to download in the Apps stores in both a free version (Eggy 100) and a more robust paid version (Eggy 250)
HERE is a quick-fire dessert by combining honey, yoghurt and bananas, all piled on top of eggy bread - or French toast, if you want the posh name.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-18 December 2009-S&J Co unveils 'Eggy'(C)1994-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
It's the company's newest addition to its Eggy kitchen line, which all have a fun orange and white look.
P eggy is also a very strong stayer and gives owner James Ferncombe and trainer Peter Cronin an excellent chance of landing the prize of E4,500.