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On display were varieties of cakes-Indian fusion cakes, healthy treats, French desserts, chocolate garnishes, eggless bakes, eggless deserts, healthy treats, pet baking and more.
Yesterday, post yet another family dinner, with lots of aunts and uncles sitting around discussing wedding preps, the price of chicken, eggless cake verses eggful cake, Mohammad Shami, Coke Studio singers, and the people responsible for shutting down half of the shops in Delhi, I gleaned from a quick browse of the newspaper that Trump Jr's wife filed for divorce after 12 years and five kids.
"To cater to Indian sentiments, most of our desserts are eggless," he said.
What: Stay true to Filipino tradition with this rich, creamy and cheesy eggless cassava cake as your holiday meal finale.
The pasta can be eggless and prepared using vegetables like asparagus, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, paprika and basil.
From an Ancient Roman cheesecake, to Aztec hot chocolate, a prehistoric welcome stew, or a wartime eggless sponge, the History Chef's demo and taste sessions are sure to get everyone involved and living history.
Thankfully, there are alternative ways to make eggnog-and many of them are eggless.
It is an authentic Indian sweet and savory eggless cookie that can be easily prepared at home.
These hampers will be available in eggless and regular options, and there will also be options of silver plated trays.
A taste of with Nata CAFES AND BAKERIES 3 Three's Coffee Lounge, Martineau Place Coffee and snacks from specialists in vegetarian, eggless and vegan food.
And here's the kicker - the lady got a full refund for her eggless scotch egg.
Given a choice of two males, females strongly favored, and laid more eggs on, the male already hauling around 10 eggs rather than the male that researchers had scraped eggless.
The brand's new eggless dressing and sandwich spread, Hellmann's Carefully Crafted, "was developed for anyone who wants the rich, creamy taste of Hellmann's, but wants to avoid GMO-sourced ingredients, eggs, cholesterol, and artificial colors and flavors," says a company representative, while Hellmann's Organic Mayonnaise marks "the first time Hellmann's will be offering an organic mayonnaise, and it will be sold on a mass scale, making it accessible to families across the country."
CAFFE CHINO, THE ARCADIAN CENTRE A neighbour of Wah Kee, Caffe Chino makes award-winning cakes with vegan, vegetarian and eggless cake options available.