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burn (one) in effigy

To set on fire something that symbolizes a person who one opposes. In protest of the war, a large group has set about burning the president in effigy.
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hang (someone) in effigy

To protest someone by displaying a representation of them, such as an image or dummy, being hanged. (An "effigy" is such a representation.) In protest of the war, a large group has set about hanging the president in effigy outside the White House.
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in effigy

Symbolically; publicly in the form of an effigy. (Typically used with the verbs "burn" or "hang.") In protest of the war, a large group has set about burning the president in effigy outside the White House.
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burn someone in effigy

to burn a dummy or other figure that represents a hated person. For the third day in a row, they burned the king in effigy. Until they have burned you in effigy, you can't really be considered a famous leader.
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hang someone in effigy

Fig. to hang a dummy or some other figure of a hated person. They hanged the dictator in effigy. The angry mob hanged the president in effigy.
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in effigy

Symbolically. For example, That umpire was completely unfair-let's burn him in effigy. Now used only figuratively, this term formerly signified a way of carrying out the sentence of a criminal who had escaped, such as burn in effigy or hang in effigy. A dummy was made of the criminal or a detested political figure and subjected to the prescribed punishment. [c. 1600]
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in effigy

Symbolically, especially in the form of an effigy: The deposed dictator was burned in effigy by the crowd.
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Then two men with lighted torches tease the crowd by lifting the red-linen cloth that covers the 10-foot effigy made mostly of rice straws.
Protesters have burned the President's effigy during his SONA in the past two years.
"We are literally helping Trump to live out his own catchphrase, 'Burn it down,' by exploding the effigy as the opening act for our fireworks display," Jeni Fox of the Edenbridge Bonfire Society (http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2016/11/05/london-police-clamp-down-million-mask-protest/93341660/) told ITV. "It only seemed fair that Hillary Clinton took some of the limelight."
He said the effigy of Ravana will not be burnt this year as the rite is carried out only when Ram Leela happens.
The effigy, clad in a black wetsuit, blonde wig and women's clothing, was accompanied Sunday by signs that read, "Vote Trump," "Treason?
"The thing I do find a bit disturbing really is the idea of burning the effigy of anything." Mr Winkley said he accepted Guy Fawkes was a convicted criminal who was executed for his role in the Gunpowder Plot.
"To get the effigy into position must have been a pretty hazardous job in the dark."
I know which one I believe deserves to be burnt in effigy.
The same bonfire was at the centre of a dispute last year when an effigy of Mr Adams was hung from the fire.
AN investigation has been launched by police over the "racist" burning of a giant effigy of Alex Salmond.
Key words: American Crow, Common Raven, corvids, effigy, non-lethal, predator management, Snowy Plover
Instead of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Film actor Akshay Kumar will burn Ravan's effigy.
The protesters also burnt an effigy depicting Naxalism.
Summary: Former miners in a South Yorkshire pit village have reacted to the pageantry in London by parading an effigy of Baroness Thatcher.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Palestinians burned an effigy of the Qatari emir in the West Bank to protest against Doha's foreign policy in the region.