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in effigy

Symbolically; publicly in the form of an effigy. (Typically used with the verbs "burn" or "hang.") In protest of the war, a large group has set about burning the president in effigy outside the White House.
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burn (one) in effigy

To set on fire something that symbolizes a person who one opposes. In protest of the war, a large group has set about burning the president in effigy.
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burn someone in effigy

to burn a dummy or other figure that represents a hated person. For the third day in a row, they burned the king in effigy. Until they have burned you in effigy, you can't really be considered a famous leader.
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hang someone in effigy

Fig. to hang a dummy or some other figure of a hated person. They hanged the dictator in effigy. The angry mob hanged the president in effigy.
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in effigy

Symbolically. For example, That umpire was completely unfair-let's burn him in effigy. Now used only figuratively, this term formerly signified a way of carrying out the sentence of a criminal who had escaped, such as burn in effigy or hang in effigy. A dummy was made of the criminal or a detested political figure and subjected to the prescribed punishment. [c. 1600]
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in effigy

Symbolically, especially in the form of an effigy: The deposed dictator was burned in effigy by the crowd.
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This annual event goes back to 1954 where Port Said celebrated the evacuation of the last British troops from Egypt," he said, adding that the festival symbolizes burning the effigies of officials who have been proven to be enemies of the Egyptians.
I for one will not be donating anything to a country which allows its citizens to burn effigies of my political representatives and which appears to encourage them to torch the Union Jack.
The rector of Hexham, Canon Graham Usher, said: "The driving factors behind doing this were that the effigies were on the ground where they weren't protected or displayed to their best advantage.
In the latest controversy, individuals in Mumbai belonging to the right-wing Hindu nationalist group Shiv Sena set fire to images of Shetty and beat burning effigies of Gere with sticks.
In Mumbai, members of the right-wing Hindu nationalist group Shiv Sena set fire to glamour shots of Shetty and beat burning effigies of Gere.
This would attract people from all over the world, bringing effigies of their local dictators etc.
The eruption of "outgrowths" on human effigies in "Utopia, Utopia" is matched in "Superficial Engagement" by a more chilling application of nails and screws, creating a bristling skin or scarification that explicitly recalls certain African practices of driving nails into wooden figures as the visible sign that a person has taken an oath.
Dead bird effigies are one proposed method of dispersing roosting vultures.
These mounds stood as high as 100 feet in some places and served as sites for mass burials, platforms for chiefs' residences, or sites for displaying effigies of sacred beasts.
The group had held a rally last Friday protesting the killing of innocent people by the Maoist rebels and had burned the effigies of Maoist leader Puspakamal Dahal, better known as Prachanda, and chief ideologue Baburam Bhattarai.
Some effigies suffered ritual mutilation: the loss of a finger or a nose.
Oscar Maroni Fliho recently strung up effigies of a businessman, a worker, a police officer and a woman on a Sao Paulo street.
By comparing the many different types of effigy containers, students discover that the effigies all represent animals or humans.
When in one breath Americans denounce the burning of effigies of George W.
Conversely, several bears appear among the many raptor effigies in the Muscoda complex [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5C OMITTED].