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Although the activation of ERK1/2 known as an effecter of mAChRs, is usually considered to promote neuronal cell survival or memory preservation [15, 23-26], there are still some evidences implicating the opposite effects [27-31].
The design problem can be formulated in the following way: the control system must ensure the displacement of the effecter (i.e., the PV module) on the imposed trajectory, which can be transformed (through the use of inverse kinematics) in two imposed trajectories for the motor axes.
In such a scheme, the end effecter is positioned by finding the difference between the desired quantities and the actual ones expressed in the joint space.
For example, you can use this approach to examine how much the rotating transmission compliance will reduce the positioning accuracy of the end effecter or how much the machine will vibrate on its mounts.
Total Solution and Cover Solution skin care, Iope Magic Effecter
680 (Snowe) Efficient Energy Through Certified Technologies and Electricity Reliability (EFFECTER) Act of 2005.
Alex La Guma was born in 1925 in a South Africa where the National Party was consolidating itself into the edifice that in 1948 would become the institutional symbol and draconian effecter of the reprehensible racial policy of Apartheid.
In addition, we used reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction and Western blotting to demonstrate significantly increased levels of the apoptotic effecter caspase-3 in treated animal hearts.
Earlier work in this laboratory suggests auxin interacts with a second non-auxin growth effecter in controlling leaf expansion probably in advance of transcription factor proteolysis.
"In a normal assembly station, you'll find a hoist or jib crane and maybe an end effecter or manipulator to pick something up," says Hong.
9:9) that `the restoration promises made to Jerusalem are to be fulfilled and peace is to reign in it, and Jesus is to be the effecter of' this (p.
The intelligent system in the "end effecter" (the name of the robot's hand) includes a camera, range-finder and pressure gauges.