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In addition, we used reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction and Western blotting to demonstrate significantly increased levels of the apoptotic effecter caspase-3 in treated animal hearts.
Earlier work in this laboratory suggests auxin interacts with a second non-auxin growth effecter in controlling leaf expansion probably in advance of transcription factor proteolysis.
In a normal assembly station, you'll find a hoist or jib crane and maybe an end effecter or manipulator to pick something up," says Hong.
9:9) that `the restoration promises made to Jerusalem are to be fulfilled and peace is to reign in it, and Jesus is to be the effecter of' this (p.
The effecter has been tested for over one million insertions of media into drive mechanisms.
The video network is controlled by a video server that is based on a computer-controllable video switcher and video effecter.
The partitioning of carbon between chloroplasts and cytoplasm is highly regulated by endogenous (rate of carbon dioxide assimilation, concentration of substrates, products, and effecter molecules) and exogenous factors (light, temperature and biotic stress) [28].
The Pioneer DJM-5000 offers DJs more flexibility within their setups and performances because it is essentially five products in one combining a mic effecter, audio interface, MIDI controller, audio processor and a second zone mixer," said Matt Dever, vice president for Pioneer's Professional Sound and Visual Division.
The direct kinematics: the movement laws of the motors are considered to be known and the movement law of the effecter is determined;