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The inverse kinematics: the movement laws of the effecter are considered to be known and the movement law of the motors is determined.
Since the joint integrated servo actuator takes its full advantages at the end effecter joints, this also means, that long hydraulic hoses would be needed, when conventional design is assumed, where the servo pumps are located at a central distribution gear at the engine.
Enhanced with KORG's cutting-edge MMT (Multi Modeling Technology) synthesis engine, RADIAS integrates a synthesizer, effecter and vocoder into one chassis of innovative design covered by a highly-rigid aluminum frame.
In order to optimise the decision-making chain from sensor to effecter within a "System of Systems", EADS brings together state-of-the-art information and network technologies and the extensive competence of an experienced supplier of complex defense systems.
The MagnaTran Radius VTR supports a variety of end effecter designs for holding substrates, including those for supporting heavier payloads and the passive edge contact configuration that is ideally suited for the advanced 45nm technology node.
Chemical sensations of taste are displayed using a micro injector installed in the end effecter (fork or spoon).
At Genesis, most of its arc-welding systems are highly standardize--everything from the end effecters, fixtures, positioners, and manipulators to the robots and welding torches it buys and integrates.