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educate (someone) in (something)

To train or prepare oneself or someone in a particular area or subject. I always try to educate my daughters in the business world so they are prepared for success when they get older.
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educate for (something)

To train and prepare oneself or someone for a particular job or task. A noun or pronoun can be used between "educate" and "for." I was educated for a career in law, but I decided to pursue art instead. Even though my daughters are still in school, I always try to educate them for success in the business world.
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educate someone for something

to train someone for something or to do something. I wasn't educated for doing this kind of thing. He had spent many years educating himself for just this kind of job.
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educate someone in something

to train someone about something; to school someone in something. Her parents educated her in the ways of the old country. She had educated herself in the ways of big business.
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Today, the military education requirements of the 1986 Goldwater-Nichols Defense Reorganization Act are combining with Web-enabled distance learning to bring these geographically dispersed officers "together" for advanced study--and because they naturally provide a human bridge between the people and the military, the investment made by educating them is an indirect investment in the education of the entire community.
Why did Europeans believe that Americans were "wasting" resources by educating their masses?
On one side is the question: How should we be educating future public relations practitioners?
At Michigan Farm Radio Network (MFRN), we spend much of our time informing and educating farmers and agribusinesses.
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