educated guess

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educated guess

A thoughtful, well-reasoned guess; a guess with some basis in one's knowledge. Class, we've studied cells all semester. Take an educated guess as to what the answer might be.
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educated guess, an

A speculation based on past experience or knowledge, as in I'm not sure how much meat we need to feed twelve, but I'll make an educated guess and say six pounds . [Mid-1900s]
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an ˌeducated ˈguess

a guess made on the basis of facts, good information, etc., and so probably fairly accurate: I can’t tell you exactly how much the building work will cost, but I can make an educated guess.
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Until now, says Schmidt, scientists have offered two hypotheses, or educated guesses, to explain menacing shower curtains: "It always came down to one person's opinion versus another's," he says.
In this activity from Novel Ideas for Young Readers, students must make educated guesses based on their understanding of a character.
In "SNF of the future," Lange and co-author Rand Johnson make some educated guesses as to what techno-marvels may one day be standard equipment for caregivers and administrators.
Although it's impossible to forecast the future, an NCSL task force of the Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee has made some educated guesses to help point to possible directions.
Anyway, here are a few educated guesses: Since it was already a recommended classic by the time I bought it on LP in the early 1960s, I believe this issue was produced somewhere in the beginning of the stereo age, around the mid 1950s; it was probably Decca/London's first stereo production of the 1812; and I think I read somewhere that it was the first of conductor Alwyn's recordings for any label.
Also, much of what works is based on educated guesses, not firm knowledge.
The author's educated guesses are always plausible, and frequently insightful, but he stretches the limits of the existing documents.
One thing is certain: Although we can make some educated guesses, we'll never really know the answers, because the Bush administration never tried to find them out.
The answers to these questions require some educated guesses. Fink scores them zero (little likelihood) to ten maximum chance).
During an interview with ( The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw , Maisie Williams - who plays Arya Stark on the show - revealed that she's been making "educated guesses" about what the future holds for her and other "Game of Thrones" characters since the beginning.
"But those are all just educated guesses on my part because so far he looks and checks out just fine."
These "calls" amount to educated guesses on whether a price will rise or fall.
Calagione had to make educated guesses and see if his instincts resulted in something palatable.
Educated guesses place the number in the tens of thousands.
This will be a horrible spectacle for all, Kiwi fans included, and the bookmakers' handicap lines of around 115 are surely just educated guesses.