educated guess

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educated guess

A thoughtful, well-reasoned guess; a guess with some basis in one's knowledge. Class, we've studied cells all semester. Take an educated guess as to what the answer might be.
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educated guess, an

A speculation based on past experience or knowledge, as in I'm not sure how much meat we need to feed twelve, but I'll make an educated guess and say six pounds . [Mid-1900s]
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an ˌeducated ˈguess

a guess made on the basis of facts, good information, etc., and so probably fairly accurate: I can’t tell you exactly how much the building work will cost, but I can make an educated guess.
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State your hypothesis, an educated guess about what the results of your experiment will be.
Based on this research and her own knowledge, VanHeest then stated her hypothesis - an educated guess about what the answer to her research question might be.
Regardless of pedigree, nobody truly knows what will happen, so all we can do is hazard a pretty educated guess.
You probably could have just taken an educated guess instead, Cherry.
It's so rare that everything we're being told is just an educated guess. We're trying to focus on that."
The yearbook quote reads: "Now you can call me Madison Hypothesis, because I'm an educated Guess."
The educated guess is that the maximum crowd, on average, will be about 7,000.
It was just "an educated guess." After receiving flak, presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo clarified his earlier statement that the government's list of narco politicians was based on technical surveillance, including the possibility of wiretapping.
My statement is based on logic, on educated guess, on what is happening on the world far as I know walang nagpo-provide sa atin ng information,' Panelo said.
Since number of invitees are not known, an educated guess can easily place it at over 600.
'In terms of actual deadline, ASAP, but f you have to make an educated guess, it would be the whole of this year or next year, if you want everyone satisfied.'
On the word "theory", it's sometimes believed this means an educated guess. However, in science the word is used differently.
"The show covers a mixture of tediously familiar ground (going to Eton, love of quizzing, insecurity about not knowing stuff about politics and other adult business), with a couple of thrilling new flourishes - an attempt to name as many UK MPs as I can in a minute, and a teenage appearance on the Weakest Link," he says of the show, entitled Educated Guess.