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educate for (something)

To train and prepare oneself or someone for a particular job or task. A noun or pronoun can be used between "educate" and "for." I was educated for a career in law, but I decided to pursue art instead. Even though my daughters are still in school, I always try to educate them for success in the business world.
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educated guess

A thoughtful, well-reasoned guess; a guess with some basis in one's knowledge. Class, we've studied cells all semester. Take an educated guess as to what the answer might be.
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educated guess, an

A speculation based on past experience or knowledge, as in I'm not sure how much meat we need to feed twelve, but I'll make an educated guess and say six pounds . [Mid-1900s]
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an ˌeducated ˈguess

a guess made on the basis of facts, good information, etc., and so probably fairly accurate: I can’t tell you exactly how much the building work will cost, but I can make an educated guess.
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If we are educated, we can defeat any person at any time because we are educated and know how to handle the situation.
Are people of these areas not educated? The point is this if educated people will behave like this then how we expect from uneducated and simple people who do not know what water crisis is.
And because they are not educated, they cannot give education.
The educated citizen knows how much more there is to know.
Of the serving monarchs, presidents and prime ministers who have undertaken higher education abroad, 57 were educated in the UK compared to 58 in the US.
This creates the scenario of the 'unemployed educated'.
Workers are partitioned by ability into two groups: high school educated and college educated.
CYPRUS has the biggest proportion of highly educated second generation immigrants among EU member states with 62.3 per cent, according to an EU-wide survey
Educate a Girl has also educated 250 deserving girls in Lagos, Nigeria and plans for 10 cities of Pakistan.
According to the organisation's website, they have educated more than 400 children through their education programmes.
ISLAMABAD -- Federal Capital Police has decided to promote the highly educated police personnel on fast track as compare to less educated personnel.
Unfortunately, many internationally educated health professionals living in Canada are unable to practice due to a variety of barriers to licensure, language and employment opportunities.
Children of educated mothers consistently outperform children with educated fathers and illiterate mothers.
A greater number of highly educated women in their late 30s and 40s are deciding to have kids--a turnaround from recent history, indicates a study published in the Journal of Population Economics.
"Our study suggests that the less educated are dropping out of the American religious sector, similarly to the way in which they have dropped out of the American labor market," said lead researcher W.