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educate (someone) in (something)

To train or prepare oneself or someone in a particular area or subject. I always try to educate my daughters in the business world so they are prepared for success when they get older.
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educate for (something)

To train and prepare oneself or someone for a particular job or task. A noun or pronoun can be used between "educate" and "for." I was educated for a career in law, but I decided to pursue art instead. Even though my daughters are still in school, I always try to educate them for success in the business world.
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educate someone for something

to train someone for something or to do something. I wasn't educated for doing this kind of thing. He had spent many years educating himself for just this kind of job.
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educate someone in something

to train someone about something; to school someone in something. Her parents educated her in the ways of the old country. She had educated herself in the ways of big business.
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Within our Branch, we work throughout the school year to educate and make a difference within our community through a combined effort of community members.
Educate internal audiences about this novel product and provide them with the information and tools to fully support it in the marketplace.
Parents have the first right to educate their children, not the State.
Put your RIA goals in writing, develop a program to educate your firm's leadership about your efforts, and ask them to read and sign off on your documented goals.
7) The CSC offers a 10-month curriculum of graduate-level rigor to educate officers in various aspects of the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of war.
In this issue, you can educate yourself about the following paths for sustainable building:
Home-school proponents must eternally watch for laws and regulations seeking to restrict and control home schooling, must constantly rebut media attacks on home schooling, and continually educate home-schoolers about issues that can undermine the home-schooling movement.
CBRE's recently instituted Wheel program for instance--named for its method of rotating participants through the firm's many different departments--promises to educate its young brokers in the many different services the firm offers, from appraising, to consulting, to finance.
One example of this is the Current Affairs Panel, an outreach program involving students from the Army War College (AWC), which visits colleges and universities to help educate students on national security and public policy issues.
They are more likely to avoid diseases and to educate their own children.
The Department of Labor and the AICPA recently announced they have partnered in a national campaign to educate employers and service providers about their fiduciary responsibilities under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.
The CD her old friends in the Pacoima Singers made for her is just more ammunition she can use to educate other young people about cancer.
Athletic directors should invite qualified professionals to their schools for workshops that will educate all those who come in contact with athletes.
The educational presentations, rocket displays, meetings with astronauts, exiting competitions and high-powered rocket demonstrations at the X-Prize Cup provide teachers with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to educate students about the spaceflight industry," said Rick Homans, Secretary of Economic Development for the State of New Mexico.
com), the only international association for the Managed Services industry, today announced the launch of a major initiative to help reach and educate the end-user consumer on the benefits of using managed services.