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dead-tree edition

A copy of a written work printed on paper (i.e., the product of "dead" trees), especially that which is also available in a digital format. With everything available online these days, it's a wonder anyone would pay for the dead-tree edition.
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bulldog edition

The first edition of a daily newspaper. This is the bulldog edition, so it was probably published before the game ended late last night.
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bulldog edition

n. the first edition of a newspaper edition to hit the streets. The story appeared in the bulldog edition, but it was all wrong.
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Sara Jayne Steen's edition of The Letters of Lady Arbella Stuart is based on arduous and careful editorial work.
In designing ReplayTV PC Edition we wanted to give users new and more natural ways to find and record the types of shows they enjoy.
Pentaho's BI Suite Professional Edition addresses this concern with integrated lifecycle management capabilities that allow administrators to make changes on a test system and then migrate those changes to the production system once they have passed the testing phase.
The editors of this edition and the Oxford Press deserve our thanks in bringing this giant task to completion in a readable form.
Small Business Edition was released in large part due to the popular Scalix Community Edition, which has been downloaded more than 20,000 times since it was launched six months ago.
Acknowledging that different customers have different needs, Corel is today introducing two versions of Corel WordPerfect Office X3, in addition to its flagship Standard Edition and Home Editions.
In addition to the features in the Express Edition, Whale's Enterprise Edition enables an organization to provide custom optimized functionality to adapt to an enterprise's unique application and architecture needs.
They can begin using ShadowProtect IT Edition for disaster recovery immediately.
Recognizing increased corporate sensitivity to confidential information, Adobe PostScript 3 version 3017 Embedded Edition supports Adobe Acrobat 7.
0 editions offer everything a person would need to produce scripts faster, create scripts that are more effective, and manage even larger software and Web development projects.
For 200 years, rare-book specialists have been debating when the undated edition was printed.
Richard Hillman and Colette Quesnel's new edition of Marie Jars de Gournay's (1565-1645) Apology for the Woman Writing and Other Works presents the first publication in English of all the author's major works.