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edit out of (something)

To remove something unwanted or unnecessary from something, often a text or film, while editing it. A noun or pronoun can be used between "edit" and "out." You should edit this paragraph out of your essay because it doesn’t make much sense. Don't worry, we'll edit that line out of the final version.
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edit something out of something

 and edit something out
to strike out words or sentences from something that is going to be published; to cut out textual material in the editing process. She edited the foul language out of the essay. Frank edited out the misspelled words.
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edit in

To insert something during the course of editing: The sound mixer edited in the soundtrack after the video was shot. Before the show was aired, an additional scene was edited in.
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edit out

To delete something during the course of editing: To shorten the film, they decided to edit out one musical number from each scene. The censor insisted that the author edit the controversial paragraph out.
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CineForm's high-performance HD editing solutions enable wide adoption of HD in the independent film, professional videography, corporate and television markets by providing real-time, multi-stream video editing on today's fast PCs.
working with writers to revise their documents and refine their thinking [during] the editing process, you can exert the greatest leverage in developing colleagues and staff.
The researchers do not yet know whether their proposed mechanism applies to RNA editing in other organisms and cell types.
Delivered as a lightweight Adobe Flash[R] application and built using Adobe Flex[TM] software, Adobe web-based video remix and editing technology is accessible to the more than 700 million personal computers that today support Adobe Flash Player software.
The quality of the video was fabulous, and editing in real time made the whole process simple and fast.
For years Documents To Go has utilized DocSync[TM] Technology to retain complex file formatting when editing files on a mobile device.
In addition, metadata editing and the ability to view and extract frames from video files make the Organizer an essential, time-saving tool for hobbyists and professionals alike.
Multi-platform interactive online editing tool that supports Adobe Flash and AJAX based interfaces, in addition to the Java applet interface currently available, in both Windows and Macintosh Web browsers.
CineForm's acquisition and editing products--Prospect HD, Aspect HD, and Connect HD--all of which support the XL H1 HD Camcorder, may be purchased from CineForm's Website (www.
With support for high-definition capture, editing, authoring, output and playback, VideoStudio 10 Plus is the first consumer video editing package to offer complete support for HD video.
The development of UpShot was based on extensive research, which showed that current photo editing needs of the photo hobbyist are not being met by today's products.
LightZone is the easiest professional-grade photo editing tool I've worked with," said David Cardinal, of Cardinal Photo (www.
This is especially vital when desktop documents containing complex formatting and layouts are editing in a mobile environment.
First in its class to offer High Definition video support, Media Editor enables precise and easy frame-level editing that doesn't sacrifice quality
a 16-year industry leader in video, image and DVD software, today announced the availability of the beta pre-release version of Ulead(R) MediaStudio(R) Pro 8, the latest version Ulead's professional video editing software, with final release set for Q3 2005.