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edit (something) out of (something)

To remove something unwanted or unnecessary from something, often a text or film/video, while editing it. A noun or pronoun can be used between "edit" and "out." You should edit this paragraph out of your essay because it doesn't make much sense. Don't worry, we'll edit that line out of the final version.
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edit in

To add something to something, such as a text or film/video, while editing it. The transition between these two sections just didn't make sense to me, so I edited in an extra paragraph.
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edit out

To remove something from a piece of text, music, video, etc., during an editing process, as before publication or broadcast. A noun or pronoun can be used between "edit" and "out." The network decided to edit out all the swear words when they played the movie on their channel. I went on a five-minute rant about the government while filming my latest video, but I decided it was better to edit the whole thing out. You should edit this paragraph out of your essay because it doesn't make much sense.
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edit something out of something

 and edit something out
to strike out words or sentences from something that is going to be published; to cut out textual material in the editing process. She edited the foul language out of the essay. Frank edited out the misspelled words.
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edit in

To insert something during the course of editing: The sound mixer edited in the soundtrack after the video was shot. Before the show was aired, an additional scene was edited in.
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edit out

To delete something during the course of editing: To shorten the film, they decided to edit out one musical number from each scene. The censor insisted that the author edit the controversial paragraph out.
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Obviously, this is best done to pictures shot under the same settings and applies to global edits only.
Similarly, A3 stated that, reviewing an e-edited document "provides the capability to jump from one edit to the next and potentially only deal with the edits and not the entire document." A3 also told me that "this capability [e-editing] has greatly sped up the review procedure."
It also explains the advantages of using an online publishing system in which thousands of authors and editors around the world can simultaneously produce a current, comprehensive, easily edited, and free resource for physicians and patients.
The company has redefined what it means to havefast video edits without a premium price tag through its launch of a first of its kind unlimited video editing service.
In a world where technology is often used to manipulate photos to make them appear real, it sometimes is difficult to determine if a photo is edited or not -- but not for long as a team of researchers from Adobe and UC Berkeley have developed an AI to do just that.
The tech entrepreneurs launched their first mobile app, Moji Edit, in July 2016 as a toolkit to create your custom emoji.
This means that one has to work on an imported clip and edit it, then move on to the next task.
We caught up with Pippa, 33, a former model-turned blogger, to talk us through the edit, which is released tomorrow
One small edit for humans, one giant edit for humankind?
They could in theory be used in assisted human reproduction to edit the DNA of an embryo before it is transferred to the womb.
Lightroom gives you all the tools needed to edit photographs.
How can you edit what you don't know?" One concern is that gene editing won't work the way we want it to.
You've probably heard of the molecular scalpel CRISPR-Cas9, which can edit or delete whole genes.
It's simple to put a quick edit together, and, as you would expect with the makers of Photofox, plenty of filters to give your video a different look.