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edit out of (something)

To remove something unwanted or unnecessary from something, often a text or film, while editing it. A noun or pronoun can be used between "edit" and "out." You should edit this paragraph out of your essay because it doesn’t make much sense. Don't worry, we'll edit that line out of the final version.
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edit something out of something

 and edit something out
to strike out words or sentences from something that is going to be published; to cut out textual material in the editing process. She edited the foul language out of the essay. Frank edited out the misspelled words.
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edit in

To insert something during the course of editing: The sound mixer edited in the soundtrack after the video was shot. Before the show was aired, an additional scene was edited in.
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edit out

To delete something during the course of editing: To shorten the film, they decided to edit out one musical number from each scene. The censor insisted that the author edit the controversial paragraph out.
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I wanted to create Edit Well because my Final Cut students kept complaining that there was no reliable, authoritative, and timely source of information on Final Cut Studio," said Larry Jordan, Editor-in-chief of Edit Well.
The rich media PDF format of Edit Well allows us to teach editors about all the deep applications in Final Cut Studio, not just with text, but audio and video too--that simply can't be done in traditional printed books," said Peachpit Publisher Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel.
The fully integrated solution includes everything a photographer needs to convert, browse, edit, tune and print photographs.
With InTact Technology, users can confidently edit documents on their smartphone without fear of negatively altering any of a file's rich formatting.
Ability to view and edit existing comments, footnotes and endnotes in Word files.
Smart Proxy offers an attractive solution for producers shooting HDV who want to edit on the go, as well as for collaborative editing.
Frame Chase(TM) editing capabilities - a unique "edit while capturing" feature that allows users in time-sensitive MXF/AAF workgroup environments to view and edit clips during the capture process through Avid Unity(TM) TransferManager; and,
0 software delivers impressive new ways to share, organize and edit photos, allowing people to easily review, compare and enhance photos and create dynamic slideshows and personalized creations.
The gRNA edits the mRNA by specifying the addition or deletion of an RNA building block called uridine.