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1. noun, slang Mild intoxication. I only had a couple of beers. Enough to get a bit of an edge, but nothing debilitating.
2. noun, slang Intensity or severity. We won't be having lunch for another hour, but if you're hungry now, I've got some snacks to take the edge off. We can give you some medication to help take the edge off the pain.
3. verb, vulgar slang To provide just enough sexual stimulation to approach but not reach orgasm. Usually said of males.

edge around (something)

To move around something very carefully. The path was so narrow that I had to edge around the pond to avoid tumbling into it.
See also: around, edge

edge away

To move slowly away from someone or something. I didn't want to agitate the dog any further, so I just edged away.
See also: away, edge

edge up

1. To move or creep up toward someone or something very slowly, cautiously, or furtively. Usually followed by "to." I edged up to the singer and nervously asked if she would sign my copy of her CD. The burglar began edging up to the skylight to see if there was any movement in the house below.
2. To cause someone or something to move toward someone or something else very slowly, cautiously, or furtively. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "edge" and "up." She edged her chair up to the side of her father's hospital bed so as not to disturb his sleep. The burglar began edging up to the skylight to see if there was any movement in the house below.
3. To rise physically up something or toward some point or level at a gradual or incremental pace. Usually said of water. The tide edged up the shoreline, washing away the drawings and castles children had made on the beach. I could feel water edging up to my waist as the boat continued to sink.
4. To rise gradually or incrementally, as in value or amount. The cost of living hasn't stopped edging up, but people's wages have remained stagnant for years, so many are finding it difficult just to get by. Supermarkets have warned that their prices are going to edge up if the new tax law is passed.
5. To cause something to rise gradually or incrementally in value or amount. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "edge" and "up." Having to pay for my brother's flight has edged the wedding costs up to $10,000.
6. To approach or get closer to something, such as a goal or target, gradually or incrementally. Usually followed by "to." We're continuing to edge up to our funding goal, but I'm concerned that we won't get enough by the time the fundraiser finishes. The petition is edging up to the 100,000 signatures it requires to be debated before Parliament.
See also: edge, up

edge with (something)

To put or attach something on the border of something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "edge" and "with." Haley said to not edge the wall with a floral border because it looks something Grandma would have in her house.
See also: edge


vulgar slang The act or practice of providing just enough sexual stimulation to approach but not reach orgasm. Usually said of males.

top edge

1. noun In cricket, a hit that goes off the top edge of a bat held sideways. I think I can get a top edge against this bowler.
2. verb To hit the ball in such a way. Albert just top edged the ball.
See also: edge, top
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edge away (from someone or something)

to move cautiously away from someone or something. We edged away from the dirty man in the ragged clothes. As others saw the gun, they edged away.
See also: away, edge


( one's way) across (something) to make one's way across something carefully. The hikers edged their way across the narrow ledge. Now, edge your way across and don't look down.
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n. drunkenness; the early stage of intoxication from alcohol or drugs. (see also have an edge on.) She was beginning to show a little edge, but she obviously still could drive.
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REHAU's LaserEdge is an adhesive-free, non-PVC laser edgeband for seam-free edging via laser, plasma or hot air banders.
Holz-Her's Lumina Edgebander Series includes its Ltronic laser edging unit, a completely integrated solution for processing laser edging.
Daily Mirror, Cobbled Stone Edging / 4-in-1 Bird Hotel Reader Offer (DM18829), Euro House, Cremers Road, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3US
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Depending on the choice of paving, some edging materials should be placed after the base has been installed and before the setting bed is installed.
Edging is one of the most versatile, yet subtle, materials in the landscape.
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Many variables need to be considered during the edging process, including fluctuating prices, inaccurate estimates of board surface measure, operator training and fatigue, and combinations of edging and trimming solutions (Abbott et al.