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top edge

1. noun In cricket, a hit that goes off the top edge of a bat held sideways. I think I can get a top edge against this bowler.
2. verb To hit the ball in such a way. Albert just top edged the ball.
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edge around (something)

To move around something very carefully. The path was so narrow that I had to edge around the pool to avoid tumbling into it.
See also: around, edge

edge away

To move slowly away from someone or something. I didn't want to agitate the dog any further, so I edged away from it and then, at a safe distance, bolted out of the yard.
See also: away, edge

edge with (something)

To put or attach something on the border of something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "edge" and "with." Haley said to not edge the wall with a floral border because it looks something grandma would have in her house.
See also: edge

edge away (from someone or something)

to move cautiously away from someone or something. We edged away from the dirty man in the ragged clothes. As others saw the gun, they edged away.
See also: away, edge
References in classic literature ?
Tarzan's other antagonist was edging around to one side where he might use his weapon, and as he raised the blade to strike at the back of the Tarmangani's neck, the latter swung the body of his comrade upward so that it received the full force of the blow.
One of the younger apes, a huge, splendidly muscled brute, was edging threateningly closer to the ape-man.
He had been edging a little closer to the desk and he was barely two yards away.
Their casual edging across the sidewalk to the curb, as they drew near, apprised him of discovery.
The Italians were rowing up the starboard side of the ship, and we were hauled close on the wind and slowly edging out from the ship as we worked to windward.
Do 'way, Tarley, I don't lite you," cried little Blue-bonnet, casting down her ermine muff and sobbing in a microscopic handkerchief, the thread-lace edging on which could n't mitigate her woe, as it might have done that of an older sufferer.
I've been trying to imagine it all out--her edging a little nearer all the time until she was quite close to Him; and then He would look at her and put His hand on her hair and oh, such a thrill of joy as would run over her