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edge around (something)

To move around something very carefully. The path was so narrow that I had to edge around the pond to avoid tumbling into it.
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edge away

To move slowly away from someone or something. I didn't want to agitate the dog any further, so I just edged away.
See also: away, edge

edge with (something)

To put or attach something on the border of something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "edge" and "with." Haley said to not edge the wall with a floral border because it looks something Grandma would have in her house.
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top edge

1. noun In cricket, a hit that goes off the top edge of a bat held sideways. I think I can get a top edge against this bowler.
2. verb To hit the ball in such a way. Albert just top edged the ball.
See also: edge, top

edge away (from someone or something)

to move cautiously away from someone or something. We edged away from the dirty man in the ragged clothes. As others saw the gun, they edged away.
See also: away, edge
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Backfill the edging leaving the bed side lower to accommodate mulch.
The depth should match the thickness of the edging selected.
If a curbing machine is available, it will speed the placement of curb edging. The curbing machine requires either that a trench be excavated to the depth of the edging, or that the finish grade be built up after the edging is completed.
Wall stone or flagstone can also be used for edging planting beds.
Bender boards and composite materials can be effective when used as edging for planting beds.
Install treated 12 inch long 1 x 2 stakes every 18 inches along the desired alignment of the edging (Figure 36-15).
Trim the edging to the proper length using a hacksaw before installing the final section.
Relatively inexpensive and low in maintenance once installed, wood presents a natural material choice for edging beds.