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330 m, - paving about 1 300 m 2 , - asphalt works about 11 000 m 2 , - edges around 2,700 m, - channel dn 300 approx.
She gets up from behind her desk and edges around it towards me.
SCORPIO OCTOBER 24 - NOVEMBER 22 Watch out for a case of second time lucky and be glad you didn't leap to change things a short while back when there were jagged edges around a certain situation.
If you troll the tide rips and bar edges around any of the Gulf passes you'll have a shot at Spanish mackerel.
Cod to 9lb or more have been taken from the rock edges around Marsden and Whitburn, and from the Durham beach marks on night-time sessions.
Keep her food and water bowls in the same location and look out for possible hazards, such as sharp edges around the home, which you can pad.
4 Lay the pastry on top of the pan and tuck in the edges around the fruit.
Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms) ______ Initial ____ Surname ______________________________________ Address ____________________ _______________________________________________Postcode _________________________ DoB ______ / _______ Tel No (for queries only) ________________________________________ Email ____________________________________________________________________________ Easy to use, they are great for trimming awkward edges around trees, walls and garden fences, and shape lawn edges with ease.
Once the apples and caramel have cooled, place the puff pastry on top and tuck the edges around and under the apples, meeting the caramel underneath.
It slowly edges around a tight corner, narrowly missing cars parked along side.
The infection may girdle the stem and kill it in a season whereas on other occasions the tree attempts to grow back, this evident from the raised edges around the affected area.
Take a spade and create deeply defined edges around all your trees and flowers beds to give them that professional look.
He fell nearly four foot and was left gripping the edges around the hole to stop his whole body going in.
Features include highly beveled leading edges around the rim for easier fork entry into a nested pallet stack.
We're very clear and purposeful in saying that," says Green, "because we need to keep sharp edges around our brands, and there's an art to that.