edge with

edge with (something)

To put or attach something on the border of something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "edge" and "with." Haley said to not edge the wall with a floral border because it looks something Grandma would have in her house.
See also: edge

edge something with something

to put an edging or border of something onto something. The tailor edged the hem with lace, making the skirt appear longer. The hem was edged with lace.
See also: edge
References in classic literature ?
He shaved hairs from the back of his hand, glanced along the edge with microscopic acuteness, and found, or feigned that he found, always, a slight inequality in its edge somewhere.
Whet, whet, whet,--Humphrey Van Weyden sharpening his knife in a ship's galley and trying its edge with his thumb
Brian Proctor, formerly the Chief Operating Officer of CAAP, will be the President of Leading Edge with Barry Justice serving as Chairman and CEO and Joe Carfagna Sr.
The strong momentum building throughout the world for EDGE adoption is being fueled by users' demands for enhanced features, such as multimedia services and high-speed Internet access, as well as the ability for carriers to quickly upgrade their existing GSM/GPRS networks to EDGE with minimal costs.
PMG's capital investment and expertise will provide Edge with the necessary tools to be a dominant force in the network management portal arena and other emerging Internet markets," said Laurence Chang, co-founder, president and CEO of Edge Technologies.
The Voyager Program unites Solid Edge with leading vendors that provide best-in-class CAD/CAM/CAE solutions with product integration capabilities.
The integration of EDGE with Microsoft core technology delivers a number of key benefits to users.
We're pleased to offer customers the ability to use EDGE with Microsoft core technologies.
Engineers using Solid Edge with OLE for D&M-compliant software can, for example, create analysis models or toolpaths directly from Solid Edge part and assembly models, without translating or re-creating data.
Support of Novell's popular TSAPI middleware standard, allowing full-featured integration of EDGE with PBXs from a wide range of vendors, such as Ericsson, Lucent Definity, Nortel and Siemens HICOM.