edge with

edge with (something)

To put or attach something on the border of something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "edge" and "with." Haley said to not edge the wall with a floral border because it looks something Grandma would have in her house.
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edge something with something

to put an edging or border of something onto something. The tailor edged the hem with lace, making the skirt appear longer. The hem was edged with lace.
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References in classic literature ?
He shaved hairs from the back of his hand, glanced along the edge with microscopic acuteness, and found, or feigned that he found, always, a slight inequality in its edge somewhere.
Whet, whet, whet,--Humphrey Van Weyden sharpening his knife in a ship's galley and trying its edge with his thumb!
Vapor IO and Crown Castle has announced a jointly developed service that seamlessly interconnects Vapor IO's Kinetic Edge with Amazon Web Services (AWS) via Crown Castle's high-speed Cloud Connect, the company said.
Intelligence at the edge with Microsoft Azure IoT Edge: This application extends cloud intelligence to edge devices so that devices can act locally and leverage the cloud for global coordination and machine learning at scale.
A Kinetic Edge with five sites can offer twelve nines of availability (99.9999999999% uptime), without the costs of replicating critical infrastructure at each site.
The Galaxy Note Edge with model number SM-N915F will be available in Russia and Kazakhstan.
A SERF has the following unique characteristic: if an imaginary edge joining the initial vertex of the first edge with the terminal vertex of the last edge completes a polygon lying outside the face, the set of edges from the first edge to the last edge constitutes a SERF.
Multi-stage sharpeners feature coarser abrasives in the initial stages, followed by polishing closer to the edge with finer abrasives in the final stage.
Let [E.sub.k+1] [member of] G \ [G.sub.1] be an element that shares an edge with some element [E.sub.i] [member of] [G.sub.1].
Flagstone leaves an irregular inner edge with interesting shapes and lines.
(5) In his article "Nailed to the X: A Lyrical History of the Straightedge Youth Subculture," Robert Wood has expanded our understanding of straight edge with his content analysis of 600 straight-edge songs performed across two decades.
Place the collar wrong side down over the collar stand, aligning the collar neckline edge with the collar stand curved edge.
(http://www.clove.co.uk/samsung-galaxy-note-edge) UK's Clove Technology retailer has listed the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge with a price tag of [pounds sterling]650, including Value Added Tax (VAT).