edge around

edge around (something)

To move around something very carefully. The path was so narrow that I had to edge around the pond to avoid tumbling into it.
See also: around, edge

edge (one's way) around

something to make one's way around something carefully. I edged my way around the table, trying not to disturb anyone. Sam edged around the perimeter of the room.
See also: around, edge
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Atta Ul-Haq wants to build an edge around his father's grave at Streetly Cemetery to stop people walking across the burial site.
3 Now make a cut 1cm from the edge around two sides, leaving a space at both corners then repeat along the other two sides of the square.
We just fancy P of the reasons we'r is that Dermot Wel of form for a coupl think he might hav burning two-year-o "We also think P the edge around D will be so important.
Easy to clean with cloth and without the edge around it, touch screen would not gather lots of dust.
BlockNet creates a continuous stainless steel drip edge around the building perimeter.
amp;nbsp;Now, Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) will notice that Quinn seems to be on edge around Katie, and will quickly guess why.
I just want to have a bit more edge around everything," said coach Michael Cheika afterwards.
Residents are on edge around the country after a string of deadly attacks, including the Bastille Day truck rampage in Nice last month that killed 85 people after a fireworks show.
In the difficult wet conditions Galway got an edge around the middle of the field, forcing Mayo to go short with kickouts and it took them a long time to get moving even though Cillian O'Connor pointed a fifth minute '45.
Stitch another seam 1" above the stitched lower edge around the entire dress.
The awarded Contractor/Supplier shall be required to perform the following: Edge the base of all trees and borders for all plant beds; Edge around all buildings, sidewalks, curbing, fences, parking areas and roadways where bordered by grass; Clean up and dispose of all grass clippings from sidewalks, curbs, parking areas and roadways immediately after mowing and edging; (the awarded Contractor/Supplier may not use Guilford County dumpsters to dispose of their grass clippings); Ensure that all culverts and drains are free of any grass clippings upon completion of trimming and mowing.
Josh Meekings 6 His experience needed at times to hold it together against County's cutting edge around danger zone.
Use wood or plastic to create an edge around the beds.
From there, Carpenter used his speed to get the edge around left end and the game was tied after Nick Belishta's point-after kick.
A new pedestrian route linking Caledonia Street to Falkner Street will also be created, reinstating the historic pattern of the area and creating a green edge around the buildings.