edge around

edge around (something)

To move around something very carefully. The path was so narrow that I had to edge around the pool to avoid tumbling into it.
See also: around, edge

edge (one's way) around

something to make one's way around something carefully. I edged my way around the table, trying not to disturb anyone. Sam edged around the perimeter of the room.
See also: around, edge
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This function locks the edge support into the innerspring to ensure that the seating edge around the entire mattress is consistently firm.
Simply cut out the drum bung head with a saber saw, leaving a 2-1/2 inch edge around the head of the drum.
Wrap the base edge around the cone 1 inch above the bottom edge of the cone.
If they had displayed more cutting edge around the park, Swansea could easily have extended their lead after the break.
This procedure requires no stitches, and the edge around the flap heals quickly.
Housing developments edge around the slopes of these hills, our roads curve gracefully, and there are spectacular views from vantage points throughout the city.
They express what other historians of sexuality only edge around, that the history of sexuality has a political foundation that is played out in current events.
The F-35 will ensure that America retains our strategic edge around the globe for years to come, and there's no better place to help build it than here in Southeast Michigan, the Arsenal of Democracy.
Additionally, Contractor shall edge around buildings, sidewalks / driveways and signs.
The body is made of plastic, with a fake chrome edge around the front screen.
Both wereimpressivebuttheinside drawmayjustgiveErnieGaskin's blue a vital edge around the firsttwobends.
Novak said a quarter-mile track will loop the rounded contours that edge around the field, and high-tech lighting will illuminate only the field, with little spillover into surrounding neighborhoods.
You have to decide whether you want to spend the rest of your life fretting about his drinking, or accepting it and living pathetically on edge around it.
Cut out a circle of cardboard large enough so that there will be an edge around the child's plate.