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false economy

An initial attempt to save money that ends up costing a person more money in the future. Although people often join wholesale clubs for the discounts, it ends up being a false economy because they spend more there than they would at a regular grocery store. Not getting regular oil changes might save you money in the short term, but it's a false economy because you'll ruin your engine.
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gig economy

A labor market in which temporary or freelance work is common. A "gig" is a one-time job. After getting laid off from my full-time office job, I started doing freelance work, like many other people in the gig economy.
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In Japan, the government did just that to keep its economy from collapsing during the last fifteen years.
Brazil is already in a sustained growth cycle and the elections won't disrupt the economy as they did in 2002," says Nobrega.
Israel's experience with an economy on a permanent war footing also offers a cautionary tale for the U.
Money sitting on one side of the globe can be deployed, with huge multiples, halfway around the world either to accelerate the prosperity of a region or to destroy a nation's economy.
In the May 1997 issue of the Journal of Regulatory Economics, materials scientist Steven Thorpe wrote that CAFE standards may actually have contributed to a decline in the average fuel economy of the new fleet by shifting sales to less fuel-efficient vans, trucks, and SUVs.
President Herbert Hoover and corporate leaders tried to reassure the nation that even though Wall Street was suffering, the economy was healthy, while in reality, the economy's decline was about to accelerate.
The bursting of the stock market bubble, the dot-com shakeout, and the brief recession have chastened even the most wild-eyed New Economy zealots.
Between the years 1996 through the year 2003 when we could not find any dark clouds on that economic horizon, the expansion of this economy averaged 4.
One now wishes that Tognetti would use his considerable knowledge of the sources and historiographic problems to tackle broader, more complex, and ambitious issues regarding the course of Florence's economy in the late-medieval and early modern centuries.
All of the Democratic candidates are criticizing President Bush for his handling of the economy.
Some have referred to this new form of political economy as a "commonwealth of information," suggesting the emergence of new political and economic boundaries and new sources of identity, as the Australian IPAC report noted.
In order to pump some money into the economy today, it would require hundreds of billions of dollars in long-term revenue loss.
The social economy includes non-profit organizations, voluntary and third sector; community based and social solidarity economy.
Kazakhstan's current leaders are laying the foundation for its integration into the global economy.