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false economy

An initial attempt to save money that ends up costing a person more money in the future. Although people often join wholesale clubs for the discounts, it ends up being a false economy because they spend more there than they would at a regular grocery store. Not getting regular oil changes might save you money in the short term, but it's a false economy because you'll ruin your engine.
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gig economy

A labor market in which temporary or freelance work is common. A "gig" is a one-time job. After getting laid off from my full-time office job, I started doing freelance work, like many other people in the gig economy.
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it's the economy, stupid

Failing to address economic problems. The phrase was invented by Bill Clinton’s strategist, James Carville, during Clinton’s 1992 campaign for the presidency. Carville suggested Clinton was a better choice for president than George H. W. Bush because Bush had failed to do anything about a recent recession. It hung as a sign on Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas. The New York Times writer and Nobel Prize–winning economist Paul Krugman used it: “What political scientists . . . tell us is that it really is the economy, stupid” (July 18, 2010). The term not only was repeated enough to become a cliché but gave rise to similar locutions for blame, such as “it’s the voters, stupid” or “it’s the oil spill, stupid.”
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"This year will be the best of Lula's administration and the economy should grow 5%," Mantega says.
Being a part of the global economy does not require that all persons commit wholesale to a single path of development forged by the West.
Kornfeld, an economic consultant to Israel's socialist Labor Party, doesn't object to socialist regimentation of Israel's economy; he would prefer that it follow a different set of priorities.
Money sitting on one side of the globe can be deployed, with huge multiples, halfway around the world either to accelerate the prosperity of a region or to destroy a nation's economy. There is no effective global mechanism to govern superliquidity resulting from an individual government's political situation, even though the collective effect is serious and sometimes destructive.
The Answers to Your Questions link on the homepage leads to information on how greenhouse gas emissions are determined, whether to use premium or regular gasoline, how fuel economy estimates are obtained, the gas guzzler tax, and tax incentives for alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles.
President Herbert Hoover and corporate leaders tried to reassure the nation that even though Wall Street was suffering, the economy was healthy, while in reality, the economy's decline was about to accelerate.
The acceleration of the business pace was widely shared, encompassing both the manufacturing and service-providing segments of the economy. Among the latter, which comprise the lion's share of local businesses, April was a good month for the financial services industry, healthcare and hospitality and such business services as accounting and employee placement.
An oil embargo (restriction) by several Middle Eastern countries greatly disrupts Japan's economy.
Here, one is struck by Tognetti's reluctance to venture into more-comprehensive analyses of the Florentine economy, even if one must admit that his discussion of broad theoretical issues about the operations of premodern economies helps to present his case studies in broader perspective.
Globalization both drives and is driven by the new technology that enables a global economy. It is clear that all four concepts--information, globalization, ICTs, and the economy--are closely linked.
If consumers increase their buying of these big-ticket items, the economy will take off.
His thought owed much to the Austrian free-market school; like Mises and Friedrich Hayek (1899-1992), he grasped the modern market economy's incredible capacity to synchronize the activities of multitudes of persons and its need for reason, peace, and freedom if it is to operate effectively.
They illustrate the social economy by describing what it includes and define it along several dimensions.
In a little over ten years, Kazakhstan implemented a series of broad-based reforms that brought Kazakhstan from planned to a market economy. These reforms include the following:
Trying to jump-start the economy by reducing interest rates even further is like pushing on a string.