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economize on (something)

To reduce some expense in order to save money. Ugh, I can't believe Mom and Dad got rid of cable to economize on their bills.
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economize on something

to save money by cutting the cost of something. We will have to economize on our food budget. We can only economize on a few things.
See also: economize, on
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This economizes mechanical work input, widens the range of compounds and contributes to the achievement of extrusion-uniformity to equal or better standards of statistical process control than at present used.
Terawave has developed a next generation technology that economizes the efficiency of fiber, while providing superior price performance compared to existing technologies," said Michael Abram, President, Shaw Ventures Inc.
The new version of InfoLibria's products gives Internet service provider (ISP) and content delivery customers a reliable, high-density, high-performance streaming media and caching server that economizes on valuable data center and point-of-presence (POP) space.
based Exxel Grocery Supply's patent-pending system provides a logistics solution that simultaneously streamlines and economizes supermarket consumables replenishment activities, while providing grocery retailers, distributors and manufacturers with the means for direct and accurate communication for pricing, store level usage by product.
The new system streamlines and economizes video distribution and associated e-commerce transactions, virtually eliminating tape and paper.
With TDMA technology, Audiovox is able to provide its customers with a phone that economizes on bandwidth; allows easy integration with PCS service; maintains superior quality of voice transmission over long distances; is difficult to decode; can use lower average transmitter power and ensures voice privacy.
This technique ultimately increases the accuracy of results returned to end users and economizes on the server's processing power.