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economize on (something)

To reduce some expense in order to save money. Ugh, I can't believe Mom and Dad got rid of cable to economize on their bills.
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economize on something

to save money by cutting the cost of something. We will have to economize on our food budget. We can only economize on a few things.
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Under the agreement Economize will integrate Cataloga's collaborative software platform and e-catalogue content technology into its own e-procurement services portfolio to offer a scalable, end-to-end e-procurement solution to customers.
In response to your comment "The VAV system has the ability to ventilate and economize without additional equipment," a reference is provided from Presidential Member Bill Coad's June 1996 ASHRAE Journal article, "Indoor Air Quality: A Design Parameter."
Coal Mineral and Geothermal Director General Simon Felix Sembiring, however, said the restriction will be flexible that exports could be more than 150 million tons if domestic requirement is not up to estimation Drastic increase is expected in the country's coal consumption with the government's program to economize on oil fuel especially for industries such as power generating plants, steel and cement factories.
Fortunately, Max Capital wasn't about to economize on what was obviously a valuable asset.
Consumers' continuing tendency to economize depressed sales in March, the association said, adding that the relatively cool weather in the month also put a damper on sales of spring clothes.
In a way, it was a good thing that we got into a cash crunch, because it forced us to come up with ways to economize."
Just processing these claims drives costs up, and consumers, insulated from the price of procedures at the point of sale, have little incentive to economize on tests and treatments.
This allows the plant to economize its defense expenditures, releasing the compound only when needed, Eisner says.
The government has issued a presidential instruction ordering all state institutions and companies to reduce electricity consumption under a government massive program to economize on energy.
Despite the relatively good weather in February and the fact that there was an additional day of operations because of the leap year, sales declined owing to consumers' continuing tendency to economize, the association said.
Each office is equipped with an automatic light sensing switch to economize light usage and is sub-metered so that the tenant may monitor electrical costs.
In addition to providing a data base for weather modelers, the profilers will help pilots choose routes to economize on fuel and will aid scientists studying chemical spills and acid rain, he says.
In order to economize on working capital, which amounted to Rp 78.1 billion by the end of 2003, Voksel is undergoing internal restructuring combining a number of business units since last year to be completed in September this year.
Prakosa said furniture industry is also expected to economize on timber and look for substitute to anticipate shortage in wood log supply.