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economize on (something)

To reduce some expense in order to save money. Ugh, I can't believe Mom and Dad got rid of cable to economize on their bills.
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economize on something

to save money by cutting the cost of something. We will have to economize on our food budget. We can only economize on a few things.
See also: economize, on
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The results of two-factor, within-subject analyses of variance show, as expected, that firms do economize in response to pressure (see Table 1).
Cataloga, a London-based provider of e-catalogue management software, has partnered with the Dutch e-business consultancy firm Economize B.
The government has issued a presidential instruction ordering all state institutions and companies to reduce electricity consumption under a government massive program to economize on energy.
Just processing these claims drives costs up, and consumers, insulated from the price of procedures at the point of sale, have little incentive to economize on tests and treatments.
In order to economize on working capital, which amounted to Rp 78.
Fortunately, Max Capital wasn't about to economize on what was obviously a valuable asset.
This allows the plant to economize its defense expenditures, releasing the compound only when needed, Eisner says.
Prakosa said furniture industry is also expected to economize on timber and look for substitute to anticipate shortage in wood log supply.
Each office is equipped with an automatic light sensing switch to economize light usage and is sub-metered so that the tenant may monitor electrical costs.
In addition to providing a data base for weather modelers, the profilers will help pilots choose routes to economize on fuel and will aid scientists studying chemical spills and acid rain, he says.